Young & Arrested Vlog #13 – Second Life Fashion – Tips & Tricks Tutorial

So I’ve strayed a bit off the beaten path and made a video about some things you probably shouldn’t be doing, and also some things that you should be doing to …


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Young & Arrested Vlog #13 – Second Life Fashion – Tips & Tricks Tutorial

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  1. As far as the head and upper body it looks nice, excluding me looking at why people constantly create huge chests in SL. Arms and legs are serious disproportioned. And again still wonder why people go for the unrealistic skinnier than anorexic female legs. As well as oddly seems to be a fad in SL to have abnormally unrealistically wide hips. I don't find disproportioning past realistic figures to be even remotely interesting. Which is not even getting into the realm of interest/sexy. Want to go all funky people should do animals, or creatures, where all that is seen as fine. Leave the funny shapes out of virtual human bodies. Its a huge eyesore.

  2. i love your videos and this one was very helpful for me. i have to disagree about the whole men don"t care what the avi looks like, well at least i'm an exception, i'm a whole different species of man, i use a female avi 🙂 username is Hippocritimus.

  3. actually my avatar is tan skin and i'm not tired of it, i'm satisifed, we should be able to create our avatar how we want it to look, isn't that to point of SL to be creative, what's the point of being on SL if you can't accept how people make their avatar.

  4. I love your video. 🙂 My avatar has blonde hair, not platinum but a light natural blonde and I wear eyebrows that go good with it, which is also a natural-dirty blonde to match. I do however sometimes wear my eyebrows black and dark brown though depending on my outfit and make up but it's very rare and it's usually when my make-up AND outfit is a darker, gothicy, night look because if I don't it just doesn't look right on a blonde. But the majority of the time I wear light clothes.

  5. Commenting while watching.Your proportions aren't awful but not good enough to be giving out advice on the topic,your arms are too thin and a bit too long,over sized hands.Your feet are two sizes too big and and a shade and a half off.Tip:If you want to wear slink hands,remember your 11s XXS=21 XS=31 S=41 for the torso muscle sliders and so on.Shoulders should either be the same width as your hips or a bit wider.The bridge width on your nose is too wide for a "average human" if it's your goal to look like a normal human female you'll need to take that down about 9 numbers at least.I just saw the hair you don't wear because it stick into your chest,that's an easy fix,rotate and adjust accordingly.I can't finish watching,i want to play Xbox,oh and they make sprays and special mouthwashes for people with extreme dry mouth,i can hear your tongue sticking to the roof of your mouth with every word you say,it's sounds pretty yucky.

  6. Oiyo your avatar looks so cute. By the way ~ I do like things organized but I have NO idea how to make up folders for like all my hairs or – well anything else. ( I'm a newbie XD ) Can anyone tell me exactly how to do that? If it's not too much of a bother ToT .

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