WINTER TRAVEL PACKING TIPS | What To Take On A Winter Vacation | Go Live Explore

What to take with you on a winter vacation if you’re skiing, road tripping, or just doing snowy winter activities. * Hit SUBSCRIBE for more videos & give it a …


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WINTER TRAVEL PACKING TIPS | What To Take On A Winter Vacation | Go Live Explore

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  1. "Roots" hats…are you in Canada? I love my Roots wear. Great video. I've been to England in February, after a snow storm and packed 'carry on' luggage only! It can be done and you can stay warm…you just have to have the right clothes. TIP: Don't bring anything with cotton/cotton blend.

  2. This is a perfect because I'm going to Flaggstaff next week for my cousins b-day and we are renting a cabin! Very helpful cause the clothes are so bulky and hard to fit everything into a suitcase ❤

  3. Thank you for making this video:) It's hard to find travel tip videos that talk about winter skin care. If you could make a video describing how you take care of your skin during winter months that would be great!

  4. You packed really cute things! I love those socks and hats. I live in florida so I don't wear stuff like that LOL but I love traveling to places that allow me to wear cold weather attire. I have to admit though I do hate packing for winter because like you said everything is so big and bulky. But packing cubes definitely help!

  5. Icebreaker (made from merino wool) and Mammoth clothing are good quality and light for wearing. Avoid heavy chunky clothing – not worn in Switzerland or Scandinavia.

  6. Loved your video! Love your style, not over the top with a lot of adjectives, not yelling at you style. It makes us feel like we are there and you are talking to us personally, we can focus on what you are saying, unlike some, where their hands are flying around. Thank you for all the tips.

  7. Here I am, late as always, ahah! I love your videos so much, I learn so many good tips. <3
    I've always struggled with winter packing much more than summer packing! First time I went skiing I knew nothing of this life and ended up taking a huuuge suitcase really full of stuff and I didn't use half of it. xD
    You talked about renting equipment instead of taking yours and I think I agree that it may be a good idea as far as skis/snowboards, but the ski boots… I can't really wrap my mind around wearing shoes that so many people used before me… On the other hand, they are sooooo heavy and take up so much space in the suitcase. The struggle is real with this one! xD

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