Winter Beauty Haul: Sephora, Colour Pop & More

New videos every Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday Products mentioned: Sephora Too Faced Peach Perfect Foundation in Snow Too …


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Winter Beauty Haul: Sephora, Colour Pop & More

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  1. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the Too Faced foundation. That one is on my wishlist as well. What a nice giveaway prize to win! You’ve been on a roll with the giveaways! I got a hair mask from Influenster as well! Great haul! xoxo kmp 💋

  2. You are so lucky at winning your giveaways! Good for you 😊 I’ve got the TF Peach foundation and powder and they’re awesome! The foundation did oxidize on me a bit, but I can work with it. The powder is so nice. It has a slight pale peach colour to it, but it brightens the skin nicely. I use it to set my foundation, but I just use pressed powders during the day at work to touch up. The peach primer is nice too. Not my fave, but I’ll use up the one I have, but not repurchase. I ordered the Dream St palette from ColourPop (don’t like it) but the shipping took forever, so ColourPop sent me a free mini of the lip gloss in Finders Keepers and I LOVE IT! I’ve already ordered the gloss in Finders Keepers in full size. Ooh, that Tarte Pro To Go mini palette……. HEAVEN! Truly amazing! When I went on a trip with my BF, that was the only eyeshadow I brought and I was very satisfied and happy with it. Definitely one of my top fave palettes. Hope you feel better soon. Happy New Year Heather. Hugs from Canada 🇨🇦

  3. L'Oréal masks and Garnier Whole Blends masks are awesome – they have been out in Belgium for such a long time and just recently got to the US. If you can from Garnier try the honey mask or the olive mask – very moisturizing and lovely on the hair, especially if you have longer hair! My hair is between tailbone and classic (bum) length so I go through hair products like crazy (I try a lot of stuff).

  4. If you like that Ordinary primer, and the tube doesn't squirt out product anymore, cut that tube open. My "moisturizing factors" tube from The Ordinary had 2 weeks' worth of product left at the sides that I could not get out through the spout anymore! 🙂

  5. I just grabbed Glass Bull, too. I didn’t know how I’d use it but I’ve already used it twice and I love it. It’s way more useable than I anticipated. Congrats on your giveaway win. 💜

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