When ‘Fake News’ Kills…

Other governments are picking up the term ‘fake news’ and the consequences are dire. Hannah and Nando tell you when ‘fake news’ kills. Let us know what you think of this story. Don’t forget…


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When ‘Fake News’ Kills…

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  1. Why are you always so one sided in all of you videos. You need to change that and give multiple sides. No it's not fake new if it's really fake. Russians have done nothing literally nothing. say away from politics. You have NO idea what you're talking about.

  2. Rodhingya is actully an old Burma tribe which no longer exists now. They (the illegal Bangladesh immigrants) stole the name and demand citizenship which they do not deserve. Now they r multiplying like animals, working with ISIS to be recognised & demonize Aung San to get their own land/state.

  3. Hannah right Gobal Arena term knowledge see trend leadership see multiple countries Europe trump like figure run office people see work in American try grab hold on that try implement in their own countries even use term fake news special talkie about UN and USA try hold this country accountable for egregious actions human rights violation throw phrase back at us should us alert wake us up to fact what we do her has consequences world wide we need be congnizant of that target if you are gone to show something that target somebody has PEDSD now use it sensitive snowflakes right wing use fear tactics prosult through special interest keep political Right Wing party in public official perpetual political ideology. insightful point Hannah . have great Friday 🌃 peace 💘 Hannah and Nando

  4. Well maybe with dictators and genocidal murderers using it, it'll blow back on us, and everybody will know that people here shouting fake news are actually assholes who got caught being assholes!!!

  5. That's because they are illegal aliens who came from mostly Bangladesh.. and not that long ago either.. the first arrived with the British. So yes there are no royingya people they are Bangladeshi stealing a chunk of a country and pretending they have some birthright to be there… they don't. Throw them all out and be done with it.

  6. The phrase fake news started from fake Russian websites???? What? It started from trump calling out mainstream media for being fake wtf r u talking about

  7. When CNN reports that Trump doesn't know how to feed fish, but five seconds earlier in the video the Japanese president feeds fish the same way and Trump follows him, that is fake news. Some of what is called fake news actually happened, but the majority of these resources are producing things clearly and verifiably false. That's why nobody trusts the news, because they can see it's lying frequently.

  8. Not much thinking in this tank. Im sorry but Hannah seems to have a low IQ (childish words and body language and narrow-minded, underdeveloped mental skills) but a massive ego, unable to understand how she comes across. Bad combo.

  9. This is what happens when you have a feminist left wing women in charge of a country. Mass rape ethnic cleaning and genocide.

    SJWs still gave her the Nobel Peace Prize because she is a woman.

  10. Fake news to me is the Donald Trump take on Friends that act Fake, so He can say it people can too, but here it is Im thinking…psht ok thats not what every president has ever said, so hey here…I stay

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