Whats New in Adobe CC 2015.2 and Tips n Tricks

In this webinar we cover tips n tricks on Fashion relevant features in the Nov 30th release of Adobe CC 2015.2. In Illustrator we’ll be covering: CC Libraries updates, enhanced Smart Guides,…


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Whats New in Adobe CC 2015.2 and Tips n Tricks

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  1. Thanks for the video. Maybe you can offer some suggestions, but below are some gripes I have with Adobe Illustrator. These problems have been frustrating me for years. Maybe I'm missing something.

    It would be nice if the smart guides actually worked all of the time. It's rediculous that Adobe can't fix what should be a simple capability. Sometimes when I try aligning objects, the smart guides simply do not snap as they should, despite me having all of the required settings enabled. I've spend hours researching every possible reasoning, yet myself and others still have issues with this problem. Having to zoom in to 6,400% and align objects because snapping doesn't work is beyond frustrating.

    And why there is still no easy way to view a spiral in live view via their box setting option is dumbfounding to me. I realize you can use shortcut keys while dragging a spiral shape, but when I use the settings box for spiral creation, it would be much easier to see a live preview rather than having to basically guess what the settings are going to produce. Thee is still no way to create a spiral with a nice sharp end point (without using the width tool), or the ability to create an archimedian spiral which seems to me a much more aesthetically pleasing spiral.

    I never understood why Adobe can't make it easier for creating smooth and perfect curl type shapes using the pen tool. There should be simpler ways to create a smooth curl shape or script style font lettering or tentacle style paths for logos, etc. Having to play with benzier handles for hours is so frustrating.

    And has anyone else ever noticed how when joining two non 45 degree angled paths, the joining points that end in a point always have an odd looking tail? It just never creates a smooth looking tail. To remedy this, I've had to for years, convert the stroked path to a shape and manually manipulate the wonkey tail to one that looks as it should. I can't believe Adobe doesn't notice this.

    It would be great if these obvious lack of features / capabilities would be addressed by Adobe.

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