What Your Makeup Reveals About Your Sex Life

Makeup is an expression of your personality, so what does your application say about your love life? Probably more than you may think… Don’t forget guys, …


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What Your Makeup Reveals About Your Sex Life

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  1. I kept looking at the female announcers lips for longer than 7 seconds although she's only wearing pink lipstick because of the shape and colour scheme

  2. That's so freaking funny, I'm wst hung this video out of curiosity and getting lost in YouTube, when the moment they mention red lipstick and how guys perceive it, a guy texts me saying I have beautiful lips…like wtf. so funny. Then he liked two of my selfys…both of me with no lipstick at all. just EOS chapstick😂I started wearing purplish/brown/red color(yes) with a darker red lip liner.

  3. I feel like for me at least, wearing bright colors is a good mood booster. As far as love affairs, I know some women like lipstick because it's like less permanent, less painful hickies.

  4. I hate face makeup. Eyes and lips don't bother me because your lips are obviously not bright blue and your eyes don't naturally look like a sunset. Face makeup on the other hand you look like a different person, depending on how much you put on, and even minimal face makeup you still look like you have perfect skin and to me, especially being a teenager, looks incredibly unnatural. This is just my opinion on the subject coming from a guy who doesn't ever wear makeup.

  5. What if you hate makeup and burns make up when I see it and I rarely ever wear makeup and I want it gone and it makes me throw up when I see it and I hate it to death. Im not allergic to anything in it, unless it had a wasp or bee stinger in there then I would be going to the hospital

  6. I still have some old fashioned preconceptions to some extent. If a woman has bright red lipstick on, she is probably looking planning on getting some action that day, at least that's what I assume. I don't make any assumptions as to with who, or if she even knows for sure yet. Less makeup makes me think the girl is more pure and innocent. If she is bared faced I figure she is probably a virgin, or close to it. It is hard for me to tell the subtleties of makeup a lot of the time though. Some women just have naturally beautiful skin, so even bare faced they look similar to other girls with low levels of makeup, at least according to a man with no experience with makeup other than what I have noticed looking at women over the years. Blush and heavy eyeliner also make me think she is looking for some action. It probably goes back to the old days where as they used to say, "only whores use rouge" it may be outdated, but it still exists today on a psychological level. I'm not saying I actually believe any of this stuff on a conscious level, but on a subconscious level I just can't help but think that.

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