What Meghan Markle Was Really Like Before The Fame

If you’re new, Subscribe! → Before she stole Prince Harry’s heart, Meghan Markle played the part of ambitious paralegal …


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What Meghan Markle Was Really Like Before The Fame

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  1. Half and half. Like the last Pres. Had only new acting people Oprah, and no family no distant growing up friends, school Budds, nobody" this is a strange fish, she is still acting, nasty greedy for power. Don't like her.

  2. I wish them the best. Grace Kelly was an American actress. But then again no one compares to Grace Kelly. Her life is completely different than her Hollywood life. Don’t see her being a feminist and outspoken in her new family. It’s 2 different worlds

  3. Come on people leave her alone dont believe everything on this junk mail supposedly all the rift raft about meghan on the other channels do u people have proof that she the way they say she is i want the proof r u people that crazy to believe everything you here what if she was going around saying things about you people like that you all would want to sye her or go after her but alot of the stuff on her isnt even true she wasnt married but only once and that was to trever engleson she was dating a chef but they split after she got with prince harry shes not a narcissist either yes she does speak her mind and i cant blame her for that she is a femminist i no that for a fact and yes she did play on suits and was damned good at it so u people dont no what ur talking about so there she was a good actress on suits and she played on general hospital and was damn good there to now weres your proof shes not a good person and actress

  4. She makes my skin crawl. Even her smile looks icky to me. I get very bad vibes off of her. My guess is that she married Prince Harry to divorce-rape him. Fortunately, the Queen stopped her cold. They all know about this lizard of a woman over there.

  5. 😮 She looks completely different with that hair straightened!!!! The eye brows, noses, even skin….everything’s changed big time. Did she go to south Korea?! I cannot tell these are the same person

  6. I just don't buy the idea that Meghan felt out of place for being half white and half black. The USA is full of bi-racial people and families and has been like that for a very long time. She was no different from many other Americans.

  7. Suits was a cast show. She was a hit in it. But again a cast show. I remember her in many shows. She would always shine. I saw her in Fringe but it seems that fans like me didn’t want a second woman on the show. I feel bad for that. But she was good. Anyone who cares find her acting jobs and episodes. She was a great. Wish her nothing but the best.

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