What Makes “The Ugliest Woman in the World” Feel Beautiful | Dispelling Beauty Myths | Allure

Lizzie Velasquez on how she doesn’t let neonatal progeroid syndrome define her. Still haven’t subscribed to Allure on YouTube? ▻▻ CONNECT WITH ALLURE…


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What Makes “The Ugliest Woman in the World” Feel Beautiful | Dispelling Beauty Myths | Allure

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  1. No one should be popularizing someone on social media for being the “ugliest person in the world” that’s nasty. She is beautiful ❤️ people are sick. That’s not a way to teach girls self confidence. Shm

  2. Honestly – she's not ugly. She does have an abnormal eye, and that takes some getting used to because people are used to looking at eyes to figure out emotions, etc., but she has amazing hair, amazing makeup skills, gorgeous white teeth, and clear skin. She's definitely not the "ugliest" person or even ugly at all. She's not the typical standard of beauty, sure, but that doesn't mean she's not beautiful. And, clearly, she's bursting with beauty from the inside. There are a heck of a lot of "ugly" inside-and-out folks that aren't even in the same league as this lovely woman.

  3. But everyone has a different definition of 'ugly', beautiful people could be ugly, ugly people could be beautiful, you just have to look at it from the right angle.

  4. Who cares what people think about you you're beautiful in your own way you might look ugly on the outside but you're beautiful on the inside you don't need make-up it's not about how you look it's about your personality

  5. She is a great inspiration–smart, insightful, confident and so cute and animated. She has had to deal with so much and yet is very "up" and inspiring. Thank you, Lizzie, for the privilege of seeing your videos!

  6. I'm literally crying right now I if I had found that video with that hate you would of found a support comment from me you beautiful don't listen to that hate beautiful or not you are you and your problem makes you beautiful in your own way

  7. A word or phrase does not define you. Peoples opinions do not define you. This is an amazing woman who is so brave. I literally love her so much! ❤️ I really hate how people say oh this person is ugly and how they go around being rude and pushing other people away those are the people who are ugly. It’s not the ones that are kind and nice and people call ugly.

  8. I say she's beautiful on the inside and that is the best thing ever. It doesn't matter if everyone doesn't see that. I'm proud to see a human that is on this earth where a girl's beauty defines her, standing up proudly and defining beauty. I'm proud to see her be brave like everyone else should be. Don't ever think you are ugly. There are others who are uglier than you. Those ugly people just are able to hide under makeup.

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