Wendy: 50% of Rappers, Ballers Are Gay

Eddy Curry was accused by his driver of making sexual advances at him, which prompts Wendy Williams, using her experiences, to come up with a percentage of rappers and sports players who are…


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Wendy: 50% of Rappers, Ballers Are Gay

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  1. wowwwwww I never knew she had a radio show. and lookyhere what's going on today. rappers loveeeeee those front seats at ball games. damn I need to stop watching all this YouTube schidt. my mind is going every which way lol

  2. Wendy is so stupid. Every gay man isn't fem or have fem traits, just like every lesbian isn't butch. Not to mention there's such a thing as bisexual.
    But I agree with her that there are a lot of gay/bi ppl in hip hop & sports.
    And that caller is right Wendy is a bit "gay obsessed", she built a career on that, however no1 else who isn't gay is this pressed. But the caller is right, it's interesting to hear.

  3. While Wendy was keeping it real about everyone else personal business, i noticed how she kept quiet about the fact that her husband likes to have sex with Trannies who still have their male organs attached. Tell that Wendy you phony bitch.

  4. There are a LOT of down low black men honey! I can tell you this. And MOST of them have wives or girlfriends, some are not straight at all but pretend, but most are bisexual.

  5. @DaStr8Truth yes lots of white guys are on the down low too. I used to work at a bookstore in DC and you would be surprised at how many men came in with their wives and children and bought gay magazines (that they hid in other magazines).

  6. i've always thought that rappers that chose to subjegate women the way that they do, calling them bitches and hoes is just a way of hiding their insecurity with their sexuality.

  7. she was condescending to the white girl, shes asumming that she wasn't black she isn't informed because black people like to perpetuate the myth that in order for a black celeb to get their status in hollywood, they had to have been turned out by some one higher up the food chain. it's really stupid an homophobic
    she honestly perpetutes the myth that you have to be two seconds away from being a woman to be gay, basically you can't be a real man if your gay, which is stupid.

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