Walmart Winter Beauty Box Unboxing 2015

Here’s a peek at what was inside of my Walmart Beauty Box for Winter of 2015! I know there are a couple different variations of the Walmart Beauty Box being …


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Walmart Winter Beauty Box Unboxing 2015

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  1. Your box was way better then mine. I only got 3 actual samples (aussie trial hairspray, vaseline trial lotion and small trial ACT mouthwash. Everything else was foil samples. I see these unboxings and mine was not even close to as good. Bad luck on my part I guess :/ I might do an unboxing. I can't complain, it's $5 but when there is such a huge difference I think that's a little crappy. Not hating on you. Love your video, you did a great job. Wal-mart needed to step their game up with my box. I'll do an unboxing and you can check it out if you want. Nothing but love for you though, one youtuber to another 🙂

  2. Im excited to get my first one ever soon. such a great deal for $5 bucks. P.S i am new to youtube, can you check out my channel and show some love, let me know what you think, how im doing, any advice. I would really appreciate it hun.

  3. I've gotten about 5 or 6 Walmart boxes so far and all of them have been a super deal for $5! I haven't gotten my Winter one yet so your video gives me something to look forward too!

  4. Not to impressed with this one. They sent me the Fall one a couple of days ago after I emailed twice ( apparently there was a glitch) and I got no full size products. No Roc, no razer etc. Mine looked like a throw away with random samples. Hopefully the Target one for November will better.

  5. i actually thought the same when i signed up i didn't get an email until i was cleaning out my emails and i checked my spams and all my confirmation videos were there . try checking your spams for the next box =)

  6. My two sisters got ipsy every month and I love how every month something different and awesome comes in, so finally I signed up. Than in YouTube, there's different beauty box subscription and WalMart Beauty box? So I came to your clip and I signed up for it, Different Season in year is ok, and I'm thankful it's free, still $5 helps for shipping

  7. Your box was WAY better than mine I think! I got some lotion and foil samples of shampoo/conditioner. I did get a nice size ponds cream! I was thinking of you last night, I found that cocunut lime body scrub from walmart that you talk about alot, and the scent from bath and body works WAS TOTALLY my favorite, so I picked it up last night and smells soo close! Can't wait to use it

  8. I got this box and was super impressed by it! I loooved the Nivea cocoa butter lotion. I have the coupon in my purse for when I want to buy the full size.

  9. I got this same box.  The lipstick ended up not working for me because it's just too brown, though I haven't tried mixing it with a pink.  Overall though really liked my box, and a great deal for 5 bucks 🙂

  10. I had the Jergens BB Body on my list last spring but I never purchased it because I was nervous that I was too pale to make it work. It looked very nice and blended on your hand though! I may have to give it a try this spring. That was a good box!

  11. Oh wow! Your box was great! Mine stunk! I got a bunch of foil shampoo samples, a tiny bottle of Aveeno lotion p, the foul packrt of nivea and a lip balm. No makeup or anything. =(

  12. OH I'M SO EXCITED FOR THIS BOX (caps necessary)! I will be getting this box in a day or so! I will totally do a video on it and let you know what I got. I hope to get that color of lipstick – it's beautiful and even though I'm not as comfortable in lippies, I do wear reds a lot.

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