Viner Amanda Cerny EXPOSES LeLe Pons In Major BFF Feud

More Celebrity News ▻▻ Vine star Amanda Cerny publicly ends her friendship with Lele Pons after some seriously shady behavior …


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Viner Amanda Cerny EXPOSES LeLe Pons In Major BFF Feud

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  1. See its the look of her's that get's people to like her but when a hot female tries to get real friends it all goes down hill because of their personality. Trust me i know this that's why i like to hang out with regular girls then the one who makes you like her for just her looks. If you don't have good personality how will you get somewhere with real people behind you.

  2. The thing about YouTube drama is…. none of the viewers/followers have actually seen the evidence, watched and heard the conversation, etc… So how can you pick sides at all if you don't know if its true? And it's also just some Instagram photos… Who cares? I'm team #girllove

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  4. Lele is young as hell.. And obviously immature AF. Girls (because I will not call her a woman when she's so obviously NOT one) like her.. Give women in general a bad wrap! Not all of us are crazy and shady and vindictive but obviously she is one of the few who gets off on it. And I mean.. I think its pretty obvious that Lele is just jealous of Amanda. Amanda is a natural BEAUTY and Lele is just hideous, I'm sorry but the girl is ugly AF and looks like a man. She got a nose job to try to fix her face, so obviously she had insecurities and even that that didn't help much.

    I always say there's a difference between being confident and being arrogant in my opinion.. That difference is that arrogant people need to put others around them down to make themselves look/seem/feel better. Lele is one arrogant bitch.

    I've never personally been a fan of Lele.. I think she's just obnoxious and annoying. Not entertaining in the slightest but.. I can see why younger people would think she is, which I'm sure is the majority of her fan demographic. I can't see anyone over the age of 25, who's a mature adult, being a real fan of hers. Anyway that being said.. Even if I were a fan of hers to begin with.. I would so obviously no longer be one after some shady immature shit like this.

    Don't be like this girl.

  5. We also shouldnt be giving lele pons hate and saying stuff like ''shes fake'' or ''I hate her'' we should just mind our own business and let lele and amanda take care of it together reply if you agree

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