Vershon – Before They Were Famous & Life Story Animated | Clean Me Heart Too Clean Dancehall Music

Vershon before they were famous: Kemar Vershawn Brown more popularly known as Vershon is a jamaican reggae singer, songwriter and producer. Vershon first rose to fame when his track entitled Clean Me Heart Too Clean” captured the heart and souls of dancehall & reggae lovers around the world. The song was a huge hit for the now 26 year old.Today we’re gonna take you back to young vershon past life to see who he was before he was became famous.

Kemar Brown was born on January first 1991, So he’s currently 26 years old. He grew up in Cockburn Pen located in Kingston Jamaica. His childhood life was not an easy one as he grew up very poor in a single parent home, which was solely his mother.

Kemar was always a youth with ambition, willing to work hard for what he wanted in life, telling himself from a very young age that music is his way out. He started writing his first set of lyrics and recording his songs as early as age 9, this was while he was attending Seaward Primary School. Quite the dedication and motivation there because not many kids know anything about what they want to do at such a young age.

After graduating primary school he then attended Greater Portmore High School, Unfortunately he did not get to graduate as he dropped out in grade 10. However Kemar is not one to give up that easily, So he later enrolled in the Heart Trust NTA to further his studies. His hard work in school later paid off as he received his certificate in Electrical Engineering.

Upon receiving his Certificate he was just 18 years old, at this time however the aspiring musician already had his own home recording studio. He would use whatever free time he had to record his songs and work on his rhythms. He is actually a self taught music engineer, who can play the Keyboard, he once said in an interview that he wants to learn to play more instruments.

However his christian mother was not so much of a fan of the loud music sessions that he would have at the house in his free time. Since the music would basically echo throughout entire house. The complains did not stop young Kemar as he knew exactly what he was working for and knew he was working to better the living situation for the entire family.

He would make money by selling his rhythms to other musicians while at the sametime promoting his own projects at parties and Dancehall sessions in and around his community. . The man is a real hard working hustler and his work ethics proves it.

As stated earlier in the video Kemar didn’t grow up with a father so has a result he would use music to fill the void in his heart. His entire life he would have to work twice has hard and fight for whatever he wanted. The struggles he faces daily is what inspires his music. Vershon have a very unique and authentic sound. The first track i heard from him that placed him on the entertainment map was “Clean Me Heart Too Clean”, Here’s a listen.

Very good song if you haven’t checked it out i recommend you do…and then another great song that was soon released entitled “Inah Real Life”.

The young recording artiste is definitely going places. His sound is authentic and unique to him as he grow in the music business and better perfect his craft i guarantee he will unleash more heart warming and soul moving tracks for the masses.

He stated in an interview ‘Music is life, Music brings joy and happiness to my life, me without Music is like a dictionary without words’.

And that’s where i’ll end this video because this is before they were famous.

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Vershon – Before They Were Famous & Life Story Animated | Clean Me Heart Too Clean Dancehall Music

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