Ugly Fashion Trends

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Ugly Fashion Trends

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  1. My brothers friend, he is only 10, has a Gucci hat and I told him it was ffing ugly and he was like I know but I shows I’m rich and generally buys expensive well known brands to show his wealth even if he thinks it’s ugly

  2. I'm a fashion styling student and I would wear those shirts however not as shown in the photos. To me they look like a black canvers with unlimited ways of wearing. Do I think they are pricy, honestly it depends on the quality and attention to detail if it wasn't made to a standard I'm not happy with I would send it back.

    The trainers (sneakers) I personally think there ugly but that's cause I don't like trainers, but when it come to comparing them to sketchers I believe simple by watching this video that the shoes are very different. Yes they may look similar at first glance but construction wise they ARE (I'm not shouting just highlighting my point) different.

    I'm with you on the plastic trouser trend I hate it personally but I know how to use it and how to make it look good. The soft trousers not a fan of the pattern but I would wear them and again meterial is everything.

    Don't judge fashion without fully understanding!

    Fashion is an expression of ones self!

    P.s I'm probably the weird girl wearing a tutu down the street with a huge rain jacket and chunky heels (ᵔᴥᵔ)

  3. i always thought those balenciaga shoes were ugly af 🤢🤢 even if i had all the money in the world you won’t catch me wearing those

  4. You do know stuff like this is made to make a “fashion STATEMENT” right….I don’t believe it’s made to be worn like everyday clothes.i get what you’re saying though, at least you’re “honest”

  5. In the 21st century you can slap a 1000$ price tag on a plain black t shirt and profit off it cause people are stupid now and will buy anything just cause someone else wears it …

  6. 3:07 these shoes are a pain in the ass, but I have to tolerate them because Hobi from BTS wears them and I can't hate him…I just hope he won't see those shirts you showed at the beginning

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