TV Airs Makeup Tips To Hide Domestic Violence

A TV show in Morocco shows how common it is for women to be beaten by their husbands after showing a casual makeup tutorial on how to cover up bruises.


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TV Airs Makeup Tips To Hide Domestic Violence

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  1. Islam does not condone violence against women. It actually mandates for women to be treated rightfully, with respect, dignity, love and care. Islam actually stated women's rights when we were being treated as a property and not as a human being. Do not blame the religion, but blame the men or women who abuse their partners. The perpetrators are the ones responsible for their actions.

  2. You must be a special kind of stupid to think domestic violence is about religion. any religon. This is and always has been AN EPIDEMIC SINCE TIME BEGAN. Men… Christians, atheists, Jewish, buddists. Rich and poor… beat women every day. And you brainless twat. Beating women was normal in america… NOT TO LONG AGO.
    Morocco has no domestic violence laws.
    This chick, basically says… we already ended domestic violence here Don't let them bring it. You just sold out women getting beaten and dying world wide EVERY DAY. So you can sell your crazy ass, Muslim propaganda. Dear Host female…. What you just did to spread your vendetta. Was a metaphorical punch to women everywhere. If your outside matched your insides. You would be an blob of oozing pustules. You are a blight to humanity, just like the people you condemn.

  3. And feminism says women are oppressed in the west? It seems like women always want more. I have a strong feeling, like in the US, UK and Spain when feminism reaches the Middle East and when women achieve equality there (hell women have it better in the latter countries than most men) they are just going to turn into raving entitled bitches like they are here.

  4. lol lets get something straight , im moroccan , ive been to morocco , but born and raised in america . you guys are stupid for thinking girls are like this in morocco. all women in morocco speak up regardless . yes I disagree with her makeup tutorial and everything that she has said . but don't put a religion and one region in the spot for one stupid video 😹 grow the hell up . know your facts , and actually experience what morocco actually come up as !!

  5. I'm triggered. Why not showcase these women on TV on how to defend themselves. That's where feminists really need to go. To lend a hand to these women in those poor, oppressed countries.

  6. Back in the good old days when I had hair on my head I'd go to an Egyptian's barber shop. He once told me, "In my country if my wife don't shut her mouth I shut it for her. Here I can do nothing!"

  7. stupid racist people in this comment section: Islam is perfect people are not (I don't even know how these two end up to be linked to Islam) and we don't even wear burkas in Morocco you ignorant caveman.

  8. A present for those who says things about islam.

    "don't assault,Allah doesn't like the assaulters" (albakara 190)
    "And live with them honorably" (al nisaa 4:19)
    "only an honorable man treats women with honor and integrity,and only a vile and dishonorable man humiliates and degrades women" Prophet Muhammed (PBUH).

    stop that random talk about islam.judge people and judge the governoments of the globe.

  9. As a Muslim, I can say that you're wrong, and you know nothing about Islam, nor muslims.
    wherever you go, there is bad and good people, and a muslim does not represent Islam, He or she just represent himself or herself.
    this tv channel is one of the most hated tvs in Morocco. their manager, a woman called Samira Sitael, once said to a French tv station, that she will do anything so the islamic party won't win moroccan elections.
    don't juge a whole country that you know nothing about, don't juge a religion that start 1400 years ago, and have more than one billion followers.
    ignorance is your main enemy, and not the religion of peace…

  10. I have never seen a guy get punched out faster than when he lays his hands on a woman. There is absolutely no reason to put your hands on a woman, even if she shoots at you, my father use to say. I argued but he was right. I asked if he was sure if shooting at you could be let go and he said yes, if she is a bad sot and misses you then take the rest of the bullets and let it go. Go to the bar and let it go. Go to your buddies and let it go. Go to the hooker and let it go.

  11. women dont need feminist ideals just as men dont need misogynist hubris. Equality? Equal to what? The worst of our Gender? I dont think that this happens nearly as often as people some times suspect. If it does then maybe she should not be attracted to assholes. I'm not saying no man ever hits his wife, but we also need to look at what America has done to the father. The abuse and kidnappings done to men in the name of feminism pale in comparison and yet like the black man who hates the white… women… being in many cases the entitled aggressor… she is her own problem. leave the guy. I understand this is about Islam and Muslim men, but there should be a word before "Husbands" and it should be islamic and then the word husbands.

  12. The cowardice of Muslim men is great. They rape little boys and occasionally little girls, they beat their wives and they kill innocent people. Who the hell would want to be associated with a religion whose central figure raped a 9 year old girl?

  13. ISLAM never fails at delivering some F*CKED UP CULTURAL BS. But this is not restricted to Islam. So therefore domestic violence should be punishable by death of the abuser. Just an idea.

  14. What is annoying and ridiculous is how SJW will defend Muslims left and right no matter what. One can't even say something concerning terrorist attacks because they will call us Islamophobes, but will attack Christians simply for speaking out against same sex marriage and abortion. But how dare you talk about these great peaceful loving Muslims you evil racist jerk! The other day i saw an article about an photographer who took pictures of Muslims to show how they are just like you and I. Where is the pictures of Christians to show people are just like you and I? This stuff makes me sick! These people will defend a culture the promotes beating women on a daily basis but will attack Christians simply for a belief. Something isn't right.

  15. NEWSFLASH: The devil-women ❤ BLᐰCK LIVES MᐰTTER, just ask Lee Δnn McΔdoo + Ruth Blackwell + Barbie Cummings + Kelly Wells + Miley Ray Cyrus + Sarah Jay + Amber Blank + Amber Peach + Katie Thomas + Kayla Marie + Trisha Marks + Chastity Lynn etc, or go to GOD DNAΔRNA channel.

  16. Exactly, liberals and feminists in the US won't address real women's rights issues, they go all out on these non-issues, like abortion while completely ignoring true injustices to women. All of the feminist's solutions to these problems since 1960 has only led to more problems. The problem is that there are two groups of feminists – the bitter ones have suffered who grew to hate all men and families, and the ignorant, attention getters who just want to jump on the bandwagon for attention. Neither of these two factions are doing any good for women. The women who have survived domestic abuse and don't become bitter and want all men and families to suffer move on with their lives and don't run around protesting. They don't like it, and will speak out against it but don't want to be obsessed with it because it brings up the old hurt. Even if they do still suffer, they tend to keep it to themselves unless they think it will be of benefit to someone else for them to share their experiences. That's the truth of the issue.

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