Truthergirls’ Beauty Hacks

On your request, here are my best tips, my staples, and they are largely all-natural and easy to do. Plus, you get to see me hula-hooping, lol.


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Truthergirls’ Beauty Hacks

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  1. Wow just when I thought I had seen it all. You have talent twirling that hoopla hoop! I AM ONE OF YOUR BIGGEST FANS AND YOU ROCK. WE NEED TO SEE MORE OF THE HOOLA HOOP MAGIC. YEAH!!!!!!

  2. Playing around with my Wacom drawing tablet in Photoshop. With this device, I could make you an image of your “ideal self”. I’d get rid of the bags under your eyes and make the flesh in the sockets fuller and more youthful. Then, instead of your normal mouse-brown irises, I’d make them an exotic dark-chocolate brown, and make them bigger. And then I’d give you the Maybeline ultra-long and ultra-thick Sarah Palin eyelashes—the sort which jut-out from your face so far they knock off your glasses. And then you could play Joan Rivers, go to some California plastic surgeon, and have all of that stuff done for real—but it couldn’t be more disingenuous. 

    What you say, what you do, and what you believe are what people like you for, love you for, and remember you for. Everything else just turns to dust. 

    And you know who look like, now that I’m weeks away from 47?

    A little like Larry Drake, the actor who played the retarded guy on “LA Law”. 

    It doesn’t mean anything to me. I see myself as a body moving around here and there, doing things for my aged mother, going shopping, fixing things around the house. The fact it’s “me” means something, but the actual image means nothing. 

    Here’s my ideal self:

    That’s supposed to be Christ returning to meet his earthly “bride” (the faithful). A very romanticized version of the concept, but that’s what it is.

    But what we’re talking about here—this is all finite stuff. Take off this mask, wear that one for a while. Wear that lifetime for a while. Now I’m a tycoon, an arsenal of private jets at my disposal. Now I’m a pauper, count my estate as a box under a city bridge. Here, I’m young; there, I’m very old. Black, white, Asian, Hispanic, Middle-Eastern. Always becoming something else. 

    You want permanence?

    Yeah, well…that might cost you something. You want heaven, you can’t get there by yourself. Got to help someone else along the way. This, even in a completely mad world where people want to fight and kill each other over a definition of what “heaven” is.

  3. Do you have any tip against black circles ? I been trying to get rid of mine, on the corner mostly but purple.. i find it very ugly, I'm a man but yes I do care about "beauty" when it comes to that as i find it quite ugly.. sleeping correctly doesn't help, I've read that almond oil can help but I've been putting some the past 2 weeks and not much change yet 🙁

  4. Oregano oil is supposedly cure for Ebola!! I'd add some Mesosilver colloidal silver. That brand only! Coconut oil, well its not oil below 76f, is good to take internally. IDK which is best Coconut oil or Hemp oil so I take both. They both have many uses!!

  5. Ahh! The little Truther Girl from Montreal wants to go mainstream!! Watch out boys and girls, soon she'll be trying to sell ya her shit, just like Alex Jones lol. Pancake make up lol yea I watched a couple of your twisted vids girl, you know how to change appearances of yourself. Be aware guys, she feels now to cash in, in a short period of time the silly cow will be trying to sell her shit online.

  6. Unfortunately, I can't use coconut oil on my face. I have eczema. It's very mild and I almost never have problems with it, but coconut oil dries it out. I could probably use it as a makeup remover, though.

    As for my own beauty tip, I recently made a batch of rose water from roses in my garden. It works so well as a toner. It's good for acne, scars, pH balance, eczema and a lot of other things. I read it's good for wrinkles, too, but I can't say anything about that, yet. I wish I would've made more. The rose season is over for that particular bush (it smells the best). I'll know for next year, though.

  7. good info, you look good enough, slightly chubby but your face and hair are amazing for your age. thanks for the castor oil info ( I need that ) Thanks for the " TRUTH " about the booze, it is the worst for so many reasons and on so many levels, physically and spiritually, not to mention mentally too.

  8. That's some great advice, Sonia. However, it's a pity you didn't direct equal care and attention to the health of your (now no longer alive and kicking) kombucha mothers.

  9. I learned something about when my hair goes frizzy..I figure, (since I heard about the first nation scouts in viet nam who lost their inner direction guidance when they gave them military hair cuts), that my frizzy hair is reaching for data. It tells me I am in a situation where I don't have enough info and need more. My hair is reaching like antennae.

  10. you can use urine rub it into the skin, can be used for general skin regeneration or for treatments of psoriasis  and other skin problems. I watched a video the other day about natural pain relief. I would highly recommend lignocaine. You can buy it over the counter and is a great local anesthetic. Good for small burns or toothache. There are a few different types you can get so experiment, there is one for 'mouth ulcers' pain relief. Anyway, area it is put is numb in 5 minutes. Very useful if something is hurting,
    hope this is useful for and you beautiful.

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