Tribal Beauty Pageant — for Men | National Geographic

The Wodaabe women of Niger judge their men in a tribal beauty contest. ➡ Subscribe: About National Geographic: National Geographic is the world’s premium destinatio…


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Tribal Beauty Pageant — for Men | National Geographic

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  1. Oh hey! Have you thought about – Fanlan Attracting Females Method (google it)? Ive heard some amazing things about it and my cooworker got excellent results with this easy method. 

  2. African people are the most beautiful I've ever seen. West Africa has some very beautiful people with all kinds of features. Nigerians alone have more diversity between tribes and families than between entire continents. Love love love <3

  3. +Mike Hanigan You make no sense, I'm speaking WEST of Greece or WEST of the Mediterranean, be more specific next time before commenting, every direction must have a Geographical starting point or no one would know what the hell are you talking about, Libya was west of Egypt, Asia was east of Egypt and Sudan or Ethiopia was south of Egypt, everybody knows the most famous Egypt, the Nile river and Pyramids, and that's why it was always used for a Geographical starting point, especially for lands in the African continent.

  4. These people actually don't ascribe to the notion of race and being "black". Go look it up in a book about the wodaabe and calling themselves black. And many of them were not taking as slaves to the Americas, so nope, they were not your ancestors. And yeah they are beautiful people haha

  5. There is no "true westerner"… If you go west enough you'll end up in the so called "East" and if you go east enough you'll end up in the "west". That's one of the problems with the terms, we live on a round planet so no one is "west" or "east"

  6. The Wodaabe tribe are indeed the descendants of Herodotus Long Lived (Macrobian) Ethiopians, whom he calls the TALLEST and MOST BEAUTIFUL of all mankind who dwelt in FAR WEST at the ENDS of the Easrth, love the video.

  7. These are some beautiful African people! Allot of them would make it big modeling. Look at that thick hair, strong white teeth, and amazing bone structure. Both the men and women are beautiful black/African people. Makes me proud of my ancestors.

  8. 🙂

    You're obviously way out of my league. I can't keep up with the brain that has mastered our language so completely. "If that condom didn't broke…" hahaha

    I concede defeat. You're just too much.

  9. ..which begs the question: Why could you be "bothered" to "correct" me in the first place?

    It was a joke, genius. You didn't get it. You say, "couldn't be bothered;" I call it "dim-witted."

    Carry on. Try not to cut yourself with sharp things.

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