Hi everyone! Today I’m sharing what makeup products are inside my travel makeup bag for 2018! These are my everyday makeup favorites, so I know I talk about them a lot on my channel but I hope…


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  1. Happy Monday! How is your January going so far? I feel like I haven’t posted in forever. 😭 I miss you guys! We were stuck in Orlando for a few extra days, so I wasn’t able to upload for the past few days. I’m filming a bunch of videos this week, so let me know if there’s anything you want to see. Make sure to come back every night at 7PM EST for a new video!

  2. This was an awesome video, very informative! I do have a question though. Did you fly when you traveled this particular time? If so did you put your makeup bag in your checked luggage or were you able to keep it with you in a carry-on?

  3. I've been trying to find info about belief too, but I haven't succeeded, so please let me know if you find out if it is cruelty free or not, because I also got that moisturizer as a sample and loved it!! But because it is a little pricey and I don't have that info, I not going to purchase it, I will stick to my ole henriksen routine

  4. Tarte face shaping palette is an everyday necessity for me !! I also have been in love with dream St palette. I have the same make up bag too.. mine is actually customized with little slots for holding face brushes in the top layer and has my name embroidered on the front. I got it from Initials Inc and I love it ! Love your videos I always value your opinions and honesty. Your always looking out for us shopping on a budget.

  5. I thought it had been a while since you posted! Very jealous of your Florida trip. We love Orlando but hate the 5 hour jetlag for us 🙁 Interesting video but a travel bag should have more travel sized products in it I'm sure! We usually have luggage constraints! X

  6. I dont travel much. Currently visiting in-laws, and had to do a makeup travel bag. This included: Nyx angel w/e primer, Tarte shape tape, maybelline super stay powder foundation, WnW blush, Physicans Formula Butter Bronzer, ColourPop Dream St palette, Colourpop super shock shadow in Wattles, a couple Mally shadow sticks, Anastasia Beverly Hills tinted brow gel, L'oreal lash paradise mascara, Stila liquid liner in brown, rimmel nude liner, Milani eye primer. Then my staple makeup brushes and would also include my RT sponge, but I forgot it. which is fine because today I learned I like my shape tape better when blended with my finger! All of this fits into a cosmetic bag that I got from I have no idea where.

    I skipped bringing a liquid foundation because I think it's too bulky and the bottle is glass, I'm worried it'll break. I also skipped setting spray and lip products because I forgot them! 😀

  7. I LOVE these videos!!! You should seriously try the clay play 2, it’s like LIFE CHANGING, it’s everything you need in a powder palette. I feel like I have been waiting for this palette my whole life lmao. It’s the only powder product I put in my purse other than setting powder if I bring makeup to do on my way to work!

  8. I finally ran out of mascara so I could buy a new one (I am on a no-buy except replacements) and I got the lash princess since I've seen you use it so often and I have to say I am really happy with its performance! Thanks for the recommendation!

  9. Hi Andrea, I pack makeup, and other items, all in Ziplock Freezer bags. They are see through. You save time when you can see into a bag and it is organized—for example, palettes all in one bag, and the remainder of your makeup in another.

    I have worn sunscreen under my makeup, every single day, even in winter, as it is the only anti-wrinkle cream. Other skin products do help support your facial care, but once wrinkles are there, you then have to go to fillers, etc. It’s hard to see my photo, but I’ll be 58 this year. No cosmetic clerk has ever guessed my age. Usually, they say I look about 40, so they are shocked to realize how close I am to age 60. You might be able to tell that I don’t really have any wrinkles in this profile photo.

    Thanks for a great video.

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