Transgender Models Transform Fashion Industry | NBC Out | NBC News

Trans Models NYC is a transgender modeling agency. Headed by Peche Di, the agency has signed 11 trans women and 3 trans men with hopes of pushing …


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Transgender Models Transform Fashion Industry | NBC Out | NBC News

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  1. All models are trans. It's been this way for many years. Now they're saying it's a new thing? Most of these people are transitioned at an early age by their parents. They have no choice. Same with actresses, pop stars, tennis and other sports, politics, etc………It's a Luciferian system and they are bringing it to the masses.

  2. If you think trans ppl are gross or you don't like something then common sense would tell you not to look, dammit you transphobic ppl are such stupid idiots…if you don't like something don't watch, I don't like right wing nut jobs therefore I wont watch a video of a right wing nut job.

  3. Transphobic ppl are not so smart…"I hate trans ppl, they're gross and sick but let me troll and follow videos of trans ppl and spread my ignorance" you transphobic ppl are stupid.

  4. LGBT are all birth-defects caused by jacked-up sex hormones. Homofascists have been trying to force everyone to think that homosexuality is normal. LGBT is not normal, and never will be, no many how many transgenders pretend to be models even though their anatomy indicates that they are sexually-deviant.

  5. no one here to stop anyone trying to be who they wanna be, that is 100% their OWN CHOICE! That being said… just because they have a choice, they choose to be different… does not mean I am therefore forced to like and accept him! They have their freedom to choose to be whoever they wanna, totally their freedom. I, on the other hands, also have my freedom not to like it. Personally, I don't like it, wouldn't want to look at it… and that is also 100% my choice!

  6. damn, this is so ridiculous … 0.3% of the population is transgender … 1 in 300 people or less … so that's the new mainstream now apparently … we have to be bothered every day with TG stories, toilets, models, bla-bla …

  7. Peoples criticism is not worth the time of paying attention to. You may talk crap about other people but it does not mean they'll ever stop being who they are. And they'd never change who they are over what other people think. Too bad so sad for critics.

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