TOTAL FOUNDATION FAIL?? WOW Beauty Bakerie Cake Mix Foundation

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TOTAL FOUNDATION FAIL?? WOW Beauty Bakerie Cake Mix Foundation

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  1. When I tried this foundation it did the exact same thing to me also…super disappointed. I’ve tried it twice once with the wake and bake oil from beauty bakerie and once without and both times it did the same thing. I hate that it did that

  2. I completely lost my s**t at 11:36. The look when you finally saw what the spray has done. I can't. I'm laughing so hard I have tears streaming down my face and my stomach muscles hurt. I love all your videos but this was highly entertaining! <3

  3. If you say in your videos I can’t tell if it shows up on camera inserts pictures or change the lights. Get a new camera. I’m sick of you saying you can’t tell. Like girl you have good content and I love your YouTube. We just wanna see….

  4. I normally don’t comment but I’ve been watching for a while. Taylor your skin looks so beautiful and you’re glowing! 😍😍😍now that you’re off accutane what’s your daily skin care routine?

  5. So thankful for videos like this! Has to be the worst foundation I've ever seen! Seems like they spent more time on the cute packaging then the product itself. Yuck. 😲

  6. So I’m sure someone else has commented this already but, this foundation is kinda picky however it does turn out incredibly beautiful when treated the right way. It needs a good/heavier oil not one that will sink into your skin super easily one that is really hydrating, secondly it is meant to be a waterproof foundation so any water via sponge our setting spray during application will cause it to not adhere properly to the skin. Idk just some thoughts for if you still have the foundation. Love your reviews, I’m a loyal baeritto and hope your having a lovely day😊

  7. hahah the waterproof formula rejected the water from fix+ so badly xD its kind like when I get the essence waterproof matte powder wet, it becomes super weird looking, dry and tight lol~

  8. I’m sooo sorry but I laughed after u sprayed the Mac fix + and ur foundation just melted. I feel bad for the company because they’re not big and could use good reviews but this was horrible! Thanks for the review

  9. Omg, I used to watch your videos as soon as they were posted. But suddenly I stoped receiving your notifications and now that I came to your channel to see if you still uploads and discovered that I was missing out on so much stuff makes me really sad with the YouTube system of notifications.
    I mean, your videos were not showing up even in my subscription tab, doesn't make any sense.
    But anyway, your skin is looking so good girl, you're amazing! (not because of the foundation, last time I saw you, you still had a lot of acne and they are all gone, it's amazing)
    So, yeah.
    Good night lol

  10. This is what the peach perfect foundation did to me and everybody LOVED that one. That made me think that maybe it was a skin chemistry issue but I've yet to see a good review for it. I really wanted it to be good 🙁

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