Top Ten films about the Middle Ages (part 1)

I decided to create a list of my favorite films based on the medieval period. Most of them are just a cinematic experience and don’t offer a real look to the period, …


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Top Ten films about the Middle Ages (part 1)

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  1. no sign of Part 2 of this video, I hope you found a place for Ironclad, it may just be the most excellent movie set in the middle ages. Good to see El Cid in there, good movie, of course it has flaws like say, a love story, lets face it, those days they were fighters, not lovers.

  2. yeah but its very stupid to see a woman looking elsewhere or closing her eyes when a bandit slashes a knight. I prefer to see the fighting when its the most exciting time of fight.. But i see a face of a woman instead! For what? Cus they cant make the wounds realistic.. Or they dont have technology to make it look like they are really hitting each other with swords..

  3. I used to know this great viking movie, it was kinda mythological, but nonetheless fucking amazing. I can't remember much of it, as I was fairly young when I saw it, all I remember is the front cover has a viking holding a head of some sort, I think it was a wolf or warewolf head, and there was a scene where the viking was looking around in a snowy forest near a river, and he comes across this boat which has no survivors in it, so please, if anyone knows the name of this movie I will be grateful

  4. Ok… Im looking for some middle age movie that I didnt watch and I`m allways find shits like this… Do u even know what means GOOD MOVIE?!
    I will give u example…
    1. 300
    2. The Eagle
    3. LOTR 1,2,3
    4. Centurion
    5. 13th warrior
    6. Kingdom of heaven
    7. Braveheart
    8. Gladiator
    9. Last Samurai
    10. Spartacus
    Thats fucking good movies not this shit! So try to give something better then THOSE movies! -.-

  5. @nukanukanuka I must admit something to you old man, graphics helps allot.. you dont want to warch a movie in 240p for expample… old grumps these days, dont understand modern technology :/

  6. @dragonmama12 Sorry but the 13th Warrior isn't very accurate at all. Look at the variety of armour the Vikings wear. It ranges from Roman gladiatorial helmets to 14th Century Plate. It's just a fun film not to be taken in serious.

  7. @nukanukanuka pornos dont have good storylines they are as repetative as day and night, most porn stars are high school drop outs who never took acting classes. so there i made you wrong cuz pornos are great 😀

  8. csnc82, 13th warrior very accurate historically except the morning after bowl scene, Pre-Viking druids never believed in the devil either, as liars thru history have said. druid empire at height encompassed all PreEurope and Asia to what is modern day china and Mongolia as far south as the Black sea at least.

  9. @Nikita4ever9000 What are u talking about? The dude has his face all over and u don't want people to talk about him? That is the price u pay for fame.
    Again, he might be a good actor, but his no "warrior". And yes, I have beaten dudes twice his size, and yes he wouldn't last 10 seconds against me!

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