Top 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Yu-Gi-Oh!

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Top 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Yu-Gi-Oh!

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  1. slight issue with number 1 "Whether it's repeatably summoning revival jam even though possession goes back to the original player when the card hits the graveyard"

    Sorry, the way the card worked in the anime for that episode is the card doesn't go to the graveyard, it just straight up regenerates, which means it never "hit the graveyard" so while yes, based on the card text this was a rule break Yugi broke no such rule in the anime

  2. I loved the duels where the rules were accurate (seal of orichalcos series) and the numbers in season 1 were confusing, but those moments were epic. Attack the moon, firing curse of dragon into the castle of dark illusion, labyrinth wall being a maze, infinite kuribohs.

    Except for uploading a virus into blue eyes, that was poor

  3. not if Revaiil Jam is under the control of a magic card then it revieve's on the player's field that is controlling it for that turn as in all the effects are kept for that player that is controlling it

  4. Well Remember Yami Yugi was an egytian pharoh who held a lot of power in his time…they battled with real personal monsters,spells and traps so the moves he did are well within his power to do its just others only thought of them as just cards yugi knows them as powerful beings and uses them to obtain his victories….basically hes the only one using them the way they are meant to be used in his universe…

  5. About time someone addressed the misplays.
    It's somehow okay in the Duelist Kingdom arc, but from Battle City and on, when the rules were claimed to be as in the actual game, there are still a ton of misplays. Episode 112 having Heavy Storm NOT destroy the Big 5's "Altar of Mist", Rafael's "Shadow Spell" preventing a monster from being sacrificed and replenishing his life-points, "Revival Jam" blocking a counter-attack and an attack reflected by "Magic Cylinder".
    I admit I loved the show, but those misplays were still bugging. Not to mention some of the good guys making some moves that look very idiotic, but are never even addressed (not even by that arrogant Kaiba).

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