TOP 30 RICHEST PEOPLE IN GHANA IN 2017 with their networth in (Ghanaian Cedi, $, CFA, Pounds)

TOP 30 RICHEST PEOPLE IN GHANA IN 2017 {Updated} with their networth in (Ghanaian Cedi, $, CFA, Pounds) — LATEST NOLLYWOOD RATING VIDEO …


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TOP 30 RICHEST PEOPLE IN GHANA IN 2017 with their networth in (Ghanaian Cedi, $, CFA, Pounds)

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  1. @ Afro rating, kindly reorganize yourself and come back.Some avoidable errors,example 30,24 etc resulting in Identity mistakes.I don't know how your research was done.But this represents a country and it should be a true reflection.You should not just upload for likes or comments.Thank you

  2. Most Of these Lebanese came to Ghana during the Lebanese war and started a life here and they have made it, apparently, these is what most of them were doing before the war started and they have a good life, so who cares ….The business environment is big enough to accomodate everybody, those with good information on what to do, can take advantage of it….. there is still so much Vaccuum and space for more people….. a lot of people just have little information……. all the average ghanaian cares about is running a business that can feed him and his family and that must………Mind worth is the problem…

  3. Something must definitely be wrong with us black people! Many people listed here are obviously NOT black, although they call themselves Ghanaians. We all know that these people feel more Lebanese, Indian or something else, and not African or – worse, according to themselves! – black. The only black Saudis, Colombians, Ecuadorians, Uruguayans or Germans we know about are athletes and/or musicians. How comes that there is not a single black "significant" minister or – like in this case – millionaire/billionaire in those other countries?

  4. do u know and hv u seen those saying they are Ghanaian? be educated ok.they were not born in Ghana they only hold Ghanaian passports as we those travel abroad an after 10 years we qualify to be Cityzenship that doesn't mean we are 100% part of the country. massa I don't think u hv been in school before. u very illiterate. how can someone not born in a country be counted as German or British son or Daughter impossible. get back to school and learn ok

  5. hahaha but Where is Bill Jackson The young Invested in all African huge multi billion businesses? he hv invested in DHL,Air Ethiopia,Air Afrik ,G Ngo investment found,Ghana shipping Co lmt,Ghana oil Company 0.001%investment and European God Business private Aviation Ceo.his networlth is 1.364.0369billion $$ in 2014.try to check him and ad him on the list

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