Top 10 Tourist Attractions & Best Places To Visit In Philippines

Top 10 Philippines Tourist Attractions Best Places To Visit In Philippines – If you are planning to travel the Philippines or you are willing to know how to travel the…


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Top 10 Tourist Attractions & Best Places To Visit In Philippines

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  1. Specifically now, more improvements, buildings and constructions is everywhere. New infrastructures are being installed. New roads, new bridges and new public transportations. Choice of traveling accommodations will soon be available either by Air, by land or by water. Floating Cities by the Bays are coming soon. We are now officially in the Olympics. That's another talent opportunities for Filipinos. I thank God for all of this. Mabuhay!

  2. Where abouts is this place so call the Philippines never heard of this place. ☹☹.
    I think I better do a lot of catching up with the whole before I really miss the boat.
    Just getting to know the Wi-Fi network,Mobil phone, e-mailing in 2015..
    Lots of hard work to do.
    Once again thank u 4 shearing

  3. THAT'S WHY MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES ! By the way, we have a new, quality, affordable housing project in Tanza, Cavite called PHirst Park Homes Tanza which is an affordable housing development of high-end real estate developer Century Properties in partnership with Japanese conglomerate Mitsubishi Corp.

    It has beautiful, affordable 2-3BR fully-finished house and lot units with these finishings:
    – Vinyl planks flooring
    – Painted white walls
    – Bedroom partitions
    – Finished ceilings
    – Bathroom that has floor tiles, wall tiles (shower area), lavatory, water closet & shower set
    – Steel doors
    – Sliding windows with powder-coated aluminum frame
    – Mixed concrete and wooden staircase with steel railings
    – Provision for cable TV, phone line and airconditioning unit
    – Concrete fence
    – Steel gate
    – Provision for laundry area
    – Provision for carport

    Plus lots of amazing amenities:
    – Clubhouse with function rooms, multi-purpose hall, karaoke, wifi internet
    – Car parking and bicycle racks
    – Swimming pool with deck pavilion and kiddie pool with
    – Showers and changing rooms
    – Water play
    – Outdoor basketball court
    – Pavilion
    – Picnic lawn
    – Skate park
    – Open air cinema
    – Cycling, walking and jogging paths
    – Linear parks and tree-lined alleys
    – Children’s playground
    – Outdoor gym
    – Bark park (for dog-walking)
    – Seating alcoves with wi-fi
    – Foot reflexology park
    – Shophouses for retail
    – Bus bay / loading and unloading area with waiting shed
    – Shuttle service ride
    – Street lighting and signage
    – Guardhouse manned 24/7
    – Concrete hollow block perimeter fence
    – CCTV cameras and monitoring system
    For more details, please visit: FB page

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