Top 10 Times Video Games Butchered History

Top 10 Times Video Games Butchered History Subscribe: // Have a Top 10 idea? Submit it to us here! If you know your history…then…


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Top 10 Times Video Games Butchered History

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  1. Shadow of Mordor / War series. I know Middle-Earth is not a real place but it has as much of a rich history as our world. These two games not only butchered the history of ME, it completely took a big doodoo on the universe itself. The games by themselves are fun, but as "Middle-Earth games" they suck. I'm sorry SOM / SOW fans but it's the truth.

  2. Battlefield 1 is still a great game though. Helped revive my interest in the history of The Great War of 1914 to 1918. The weapons they did get right were the melee weapons. Plus the Scout Class used bolt action rifles.

  3. Think watchmojo needs to take a breath step back and take a look at the definition for "based" as all these games are based around certain time periods and even assassins creed says they have many historical experts working to make their games they never claim that everything is 100% accurate and tbh I'm surprised none of the total war games are on here you could have a whole list based on those using your logic here …

  4. Do the games actually say"based on true events",if not then I don't know what this video is complaining about.i mean come on,who cares if it's inaccurate,just have fun playing the game.

  5. We all know why devs do this. For the sake of plot. The actual history is what we have history teachers for.

    Oh another thing for BF1: A T. E. Lawrence appearance is cool, but I heard that the Ottomans didn't even know what he looked like, so how is it that when you play his campaign, they know his face?

  6. rly….
    You rly called "historical mistake" a game using a magical demon crab as enemy and a action game where you fight in hell against supernatural enemies using a fictional poem as base to say that the game didn't followed that the autor wasn't a warrior…

  7. Well funny thing about Battlefield 1 but those weapons actually existed back then they're just early prototypes he didn't know that did you learning early days of firearms development

  8. I like how Nioh is on here XD
    Like no shit it’s not historically accurate, who ever would have thought that a game about mystical rocks giving power to some voodoo crazy guy and the presence of thousands of yokai and a Great War between humans and demons was attempting to be historically accurate?

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