Top 10 Richest People in Malaysia

Here are the top 10 Richest people in Malaysia . Thanks for watching. Please Comment, Like, Share and Subscribe. Source: Forbes Music name: The other Side Royalty Free Music.


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Top 10 Richest People in Malaysia

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  1. Im chinese in Malaysia.
    Stop the racism.. We are Malaysian. Not foes! Malays, Chinese, Indians should respect each other because we are seeing each other each day and night. Just stop being racist…. If u wanna hate somebody.. Hate the MoneySucker In the Country LOL.. You know what i mean………

  2. Hi,
    what you see in internet is not always TRUE…
    Don't think malays not rich, we don't want to show OFF. That's all… you guys want to say we all lazy or whatever you want , go ahead.. nothing going to heart or change us…

  3. dia orang ni kaya sebab dah lama niaga dan kepala hotak bijak ……harta dia orang diistihar dan halal .kalau dia orang jual dadah jadi kaya ..tun mamak tak akan biarkan dia rampas untuk pakai ….melayu lagi kaya tu sebab tak berani istiharkan harta …cuba paksa dia orang [tun] istihar camne siapa suruh ISA/PCA mari

  4. Whether you rich or poor, that's not important. To me, the important thing is how do you gain the wealth. Even if you rich but you made some dirty business, I don't give a respect. There's many ways to be [email protected] a lot of money by dirty way. One is " Money Laundry " for sure. There's plenty more of it and I won't describe. I didn't say that these Billionaires are involved in dirty works or mean someone. I'm just saying Don't get hurt by what I said unless if you did. Bullshit if no one ever did this.

  5. As u can see that Malays are useless in Malaysia. All they do is drug smuggling, cheat money, cheat at politics and etc. u can see that most of the Chinese work so hard until they achieved what they want. They play fair and square not like Malays they like to pick a fight, lazy, waste of time, and more. Even Indians are way better than Malays.

  6. anyway..i salute this top 10 men..maybe most of them come from ordinary family and rather sacrifice their life,money,time and family for the future..and for themselve..keep it up..

  7. x btul ranking video ni,yg ktua menteri sarawak tu xda pun dlm list ni,,adehh,,sptut nya org tua tu la yg terkaya di malaysia ni sbb nya negeri sarawak yg terbesar dlm malaysia,brapa banyak kilang n hotel bbintang yg di buatnya seperti pullman kuching btaraf 7 bintang,dia la yg punya,adehh,,x da dlm list erk,mmg sorg pun x kn dpt taw brapa jumlah wang nya kt swiss bank,aptb,,entam jak la,

  8. kekayaan adalah hak milik setiap manusia yang berusaha mndapatkannya. kalau dia rajin, dia akan berusaha mendapatkan kejayaan dan kekayaan. kaum cina mmg terkenal dengan sifat rajinnya, bukan untuk memburukkan kaum bumiputera, tapi sejarah sudah terlakar sebegitu. sebagai kaum yg tidak dipelihara oleh hak istimewa seperti hak istimewa melayu, mereka perlu bekerja keras. satu saya kagum dengan kaum ini, apabila mereka berjaya, mereka akan bantu ahli keluarga lain utk berjaya bersama mereka..

  9. smelled racism statement here..yes the top richest is chinese and luckily you r not in the list…fuhhh…. just shut up u and stop chong cheng chong cheng…ok?

  10. There's an error in this video. The richest person in Malaysia is Sarawak chief minister Taib Mahmud! Not only in Malaysia, he's the richest in Asia. He has been the pirate of Sarawak for 30 years!

  11. of course the chinese is rich because of their effort & determination.They never depend on government because of their status as non-bumiputra. Sometimes i feel unfair for them.Don't ask why malay people not in list because your rights are being protected by the government.U should be thankful for that not to question it.Shame to u'self.

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