Top 10 richest Nollywood Actress with their net worth

Top 10 richest Nollywood Actress with their net worth …LATEST 2017 RATING VIDEO.


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Top 10 richest Nollywood Actress with their net worth

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    It would be a great idea for rich people both actress and actors, political and business members at large to start investing in Africa other than running with their money to Western world. How are we going to change the face of Africa for the better, if we run away from it than work towards its development. First things African governments must learn to pay their professional staffs well to avoid corruption and relocating to other Nations for greener pasture. Two, African governments must learn to trade between themselves and introduce new system to overcome unemployment. Hiring of international experts must be abolished so that government can emphasize on its professional citizens ,
    Three, education should change face to skill/ vocational with large numbers in entrepreneurs, mechanics, engineers, architects, technicians, doctors, nurses, nutritionists, IT experts etc.
    Forth, Politics must change in Africa from Military based system to Democratic, fare and liberal. No control, suppressions,threats, manipulations, war, militias and rebel activities being funded by the governments or small group intimidators.

    Fifth, Constitution rights must be changed to favor freedom of speech by citizens to express there free will to self expressions,
    Sixth, Governments must start investing in their citizens developmental ideas like creating research organizations ( students). good projects like JOWEFO , IT students and professionals to avoid scams and trap international thieves, Create new upgrading courses for scientists to keep up with all developments, invest in Universities to keep up with the global standard of professional students and careers, give loans without securities and monitor every progress of the citizen until they complete paying off their loans, create charity organizations for the rich to support the majority poor people like goodwill , thrift stores, Walmart supermarkets to help develop the poor and create them jobs .
    Seven, government should invest in setting up canning companies that preserve foods like perishable foods for example, tomatoes, fruits , etcetera so that, we are able to help states that are in drought and hunger through food pantries, donations and volunteering.
    Building standards must be set depending on the locations so that Africa grows to be a great place to live in.
    Streets must be named based on the founding fathers and postal address must be random to all citizens so that, people can begin to be located and to keep track of security of all citizens.
    All streets must have security lights installed and investing in student manufacturers is not a bad idea to introduce new investment in solar power development where Africa excels. Once these is done, next move is to make it random for all homesteads for use, like tap water, so that every money the government raises is put to use to develop the Nations and its citizens.
    Joining the army must be based on education achievement and training to meet standard college level and so is the police. Both must study criminal justice so that they know what is right from wrong. And that, it is required of them to do the right thing and be just.
    Government should invest in entertainments to allow its citizens enjoy their lives, country, state and meeting new members.
    Investing in recreational activities must be paramount to draw competitive investors and not sex tourists, sex offenders, petty filers etcetera. Investors must pay the citizens well and not scam them instead by government introducing policies that are followed by all job recruiters and organizations.
    Medicaid must be introduced to the poor to reduce high death rates.
    Educating the citizens on self awareness, organization , safety and development must be government's priority to help citizens gain trust in the government's system and these must be done by example of the Leader investing in its own land and not scamming money to other Nations.
    Government must start recruiting its professional citizens abroad to help develop their Nations.

  2. when you talk of class, many ladies in Nollywood are classy but some are just different, take a look at Rita domnic , Genevieve , funke akindele and so many who where there before them . like Kate henshaw ,

  3. if the naira was converted to pounds or dollars don't think the actresses are worth much..I've never even heard of them, and if they are worth much they need to help their country as lots of Africans are fleeing to Europe and america

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