Top 10 Most Underrated Boxers of All Time | DNS List

The top ten most underrated boxers of all time (The Ultimate List). Many great boxers have come and gone. For some reason however, some fighters fight their …


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Top 10 Most Underrated Boxers of All Time | DNS List

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  1. best modern fighter is Amir Khan. Every fight he is in is so exciting. He wins just about every round in his entire career but he gets KOed. Awesome entertaining fighter. Love him or hate him he is good to watch. way more entertaining than Floyd. Not as good at winning but way better to watch. Just like Prince Naseem. Boxing is entertainment at the end of the day.
    I would rather watch Tyson over Klitschko, Naseem over Floyd and many other fighters over the guys with the best records.

  2. Very nice! Kudos for remembering Locche, amazing fighter.
    I always believed what was done to Holmes was criminal. Great, great fighter.
    Ezzard Charles was THE most underrated fighter ever. Top one or two at light heavyweight and never won that title. Amazing.
    Along with Charles, I always thought Greb and Arguello were badly underrated. Greb being the only fighter that can claim number 1 of all time over Ray Robinson. But he has began to receive more attention lately.
    So the next time someone tells you that Mayweather was the greatest ever, forget it. I think he was amazing but not even in my top 25. Only the espn generation believes that!

  3. Two left out are Floyd Patterson and Tony Canzoneri. Patterson became the youngest to win the HW title and the first to regain it as well as the only US boxer to win gold in the 1952 Olympics. Canzoneri held titles in both the FW & LW divisions and lost by KO only once in 175 bouts.

  4. As a 'die-hard' boxing connoisseur and historian….even I had never heard of Nicolino Locche……until now. He must be UBER-SEVERELY underrated given the fact I had never known of him and his incredible record. Kind of reminds me of Willie Pep -another superb defensive fighter, probably the best defensive fighter ever. Many people are unfamiliar with Willie Pep.

  5. Gene Tunney is a great addition to this list. "61 wins, 1 loss": He beat Jack Dempsey TWICE! He was either the ONLY boxer to beat Dempsey…or else one of two boxers ever -if recall serves. True boxing analysts feel that he's likely a top 10 heavyweight of all time (around number 10)….many analysts in our modern age forget how good boxers such as him was.

  6. Great list but you gotta add Winky wright to that list. He was the most avoided fighter for years he beat sugar Shane twice, crushed Trinidad and Ike Quartey, got robbed against Fernando Vargas and jermain Taylor, and de Lahoya was scared to death of him

  7. The problem with this list is that there's no way to rank people who didn't get their fair shake in their careers opportunity-wise (Langford, Burley), people who weren't as popular as other champions and challengers at the time (Tunney, Holmes) and popular and successful at the time fighters who simply fought ages and ages ago (Sullivan, Fitzsimmons) all in the same list together without it making no sense at all. Really you should have made 3 separate lists from each of those 3 categories.

    Still, I did watch all the way through so cheers anyway.

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