Top 10 Inventors of All Time



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Top 10 Inventors of All Time

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  1. first off tesla at 9 and edison at 8 i had quit watching right then who ever done this is a moron eidison and testla are the greatest ever edison it is proven has the most patiens of any man ever so how the hell is he so far down i could not keep watching this is a dumb ass list first off moron i skiped a head to number one farnsworth a american invented the tv it was proven by a teacher who had his paper when he drew it up when he was 14 predating your guy by 5 years you must be anti american to say that and put testla and edison so far down

  2. Um excuse me… Tesla is definitely number one.  Head and shoulders above the rest of these bums on this list.  Thank you very much.  Also what is Leonardo Da Vinci not doing in the top 5.  Huge bias towards the last 100 years on this list.

  3. Such a bullshit… Edison didn't invent the light bulb, Bell didn't invent the telephone, the Wright brothers didn't invent the airplane, Marconi didn't invent the radio and Baird didn't invent the TV!!!

  4. Haahaha what a bunch of BULLSHIT. Nikola Tesla is by far THE best inventor of all time. He is not Serbian-American he was a SERBIAN living in America in no way was he American or even related to being American his parents were both Serbian's and so is Serbian. He also mentioned once that he loved his nation and loved being SERBIAN in an interview. If it was not for Nikola Tesla most of those inventors placed further than him (e.g. no.1,John – first TV-system) THEIR INVENTIONS WOULD NOT EXIST IF IT WAS NOT FOR TESLA, because Tesla discovered/invented ELECTRICITY – whichmade those inventions POSSIBLE. Thomas Eddison is also a thief, liar and stole inventions and framed them as his, why be is before Tesla in this retarded list is stupid. In addition, the radio was ALSO predominantly if not COMPLETELY invented by Tesla then is looks like some jerk, of course took advantage of Tesla's humbleness and framed the radio as their invention. This video is BS (why you have so many dislikes) Nikola Tesla is the best inventor of all time – WHY he is number 9 is stupid and extremely illogical. TRUTH.

  5. An extremely biased, westernised view! Where the hell are Russian inventors?? Why the hell are so many Russian inventions are attributed to other inventors?
    a) Remote control – Nikolai Pylchykov, 1898.
    b) The modern type of the light bulb, which is attributed to Edison was actually designed by Alexander Lodygin (also according to an American patent court).
    c) The list of powered automobiles before Benz' car is really long! I also have to mention two very early Russian car prototypes, which as first had very important elements of modern cars, the proto-cars of Russian Ivan Kulibin (one of the greatest inventor of human history, of course ignored in the West) in 1791 and of Leontii Shamshurenkov in 1752.
    d) First aeroplane was built almost 20 years before the Wright-brothers by the Russian Aleksander Mozhaisky. The weak and heavy engines of that time were the reasons, why his invention didn't become successful.
    e) The first radio devices were designed and presented by the Russian Alexander Popov in the years 1895 and 1896.
    f) Konrad Zuse developed the first programable(!) computer. Before that there were analog computers like for example the Russian "water intergrator" from the 1920ies. Russian works on programable computers in
    g) Television is also definately a Russian invention. First realized by Boris Rozing 1908-1911.

  6. Yes, Tesla beats out Edison in the Electrical Field, but if you do some research, you will find that Edison beats out all the others as an Inventor. Over !,000 patents, in many different fields. Automotive, Telecommunications, Film, Sound, industry, and yes, Electrical. Just saying, look it up.

  7. please revise this,marconi was a crook,tesla held the patent to many of the ideas that marconi used to make his radio,the title was later stripped off marconi and given to tesla

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