Top 10 Guitarists of All Time (REDUX)

The guitar is their weapon of choice. In this WatchMojo REDUX video join us as we count down our picks for the top 10 guitarists of all time. A WatchMojo …


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Top 10 Guitarists of All Time (REDUX)

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  1. Anyone who thinks S.R.V. shouldn't be on this list is CRAZY! STEVIE RAY VAUGHAN was the BEST! He was better than everybody on this list…. This list is garbage! I don't see any of them playing behind their backs!!!!!
    Jimmie had his buck teeth.
    van Halen tapped the strings,which I have seen that done before HE did it!
    side by side, STEVIE RAY would out play these dudes! "My Opinion". And he would do it BEHIND HIS BACK!!!!! R.I.P. S.R.V.

  2. 1. Eddie Van Halen
    2. Jimmy Page
    3. Randy Rhoads
    4. Tony Iommi
    5. Jimi Hendrix
    6. Eric Clapton
    7. David Gilmour
    8. Mark Knopfler
    9. Robert Johnson
    10. TIE Chuck Berry – Steve Vai

  3. If influence is a big component of great guitarists, Andres Segovia should be there. Not only was he a highly accomplished guitar player in his own right, but Segovia played a huge part in the advent of modern classical guitar as a musical form. At least one guitarist on this list, Randy Rhoads, was a classically trained guitarist prior to becoming a rock god and maintained a love of his classical roots for the rest of his life. I'd also nominate Carlos Montoya as at least an honorable mention, as his virtuosity of flamenco still resonates through the years. Not all great guitarists are rock guitarists…

  4. A “thumbs freakin’ down” for yet another shitty list. Any list that doesn’t include Allan Holdsworth on it basically shouldn’t even exist. David Gilmour (whom I love dearly mind you) Robert Fripp is that Prog God.

  5. So glad Slash is not on this list. He's so overated although i love Guns and Slash anybody can play his riffs etc . He hasn't brougjt anything new in style sound etc to the rockscene. Only hos stupid tophat and that kindda says it all.. Great but not an icon. So far from not outstanding on the guitar in any way..

  6. My list:
    1. Randy Rhodes
    2. Jimmy Page
    3. Eddie Van Halen
    4. David Gilmore
    5. Dave Mustaine
    6. Jimi Hendrix
    7. Eric Clapton.
    8. Slash
    9. Kirk Hammett
    10. Slash
    Honorable Mentions:
    Alex Lifeson
    Angus Young
    Brian May

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