Top 10 Drinking Games

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Top 10 Drinking Games

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  1. GOON OF FORTUNE (🇦🇺 game)
    You will need
    2-8 players
    4 bags of wine (goon)
    Hills hoist (or rotating clothesline)
    How to play
    Each person stands around the clothesline (one at each bag, one in between)
    One person spins the clothesline
    Everyone hums/sings the “Wheel of Fortune theme song”
    When it stops – whomever is standing in front of a goon bag has to take a swig
    Repeat until all bags are empty

  2. Drinking Rambo was a favourite from university. Drink every time Rambo kills someone, blows something up, does something Rambo-esque (stitches up his wounds, dives through the air in slow motion, etc) or looks ripped. Did the first 3 movies in a row and blacked out half way through number 3. Happy days

  3. Its time the drinking game 3 Man was shared with the world.
    You need a pair of dice and 3 or more players.
    Roll the dice to see who goes first. Game moves clockwise.
    If you roll a 7 the person to your right takes a drink.
    If you roll an 11 the person to the left takes a drink.
    If you roll a double you give away the amount of drinks shown on one die, to one person or share them out.
    Every time your roll makes someone drink you get to roll again.
    Unless you roll a 1 and a 2, and you become 3 Man and pass the dice.
    If you become 3 Man you must take a drink every time a 3 appears on a die, no matter who rolls it.
    The only way you can escape the role of 3 Man is if some one else rolls a 1 and a 2 and becomes 3 Man
    If you are 3 Man and you roll a 3 or double 3, you drink and pass the dice.
    3 Man can not become double 3 Man if they roll a 1 and a 2 again.
    Now for the best part of the game. If you roll 6 times in a row that makes some one drink, you get to make a rule.
    If rules are broken the culprit must take a drink. For Example:
    No pointing with an index finger. People must point with an elbow or closed fist etc.
    Must only drink with left hand (or right).
    Raise your cup to your forehead before you take a drink.
    No saying numbers. Which also includes such things as "I went to the shop". (I went "2" the shop)
    Before a rule is set, it must be agreed on by all participants.
    False accusations of braking a rule result in a drink for the accuser if proven innocent.
    And that's the game. I recommend that all drinks given out are only sips, because they start to come in hard and fast.
    Laughter and drunkness guaranteed for all. Enjoy.
    Drink Responsibly

  4. Never Have I Ever is the go-to game at every party. Prefered after a couple of drinks before starting the game. People seem to go straight to the NSFW route (which is the best route to go)

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