This Is Why The Fashion Industry Doesn’t Hire Kendall Jenner Anymore | Talko News

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This Is Why The Fashion Industry Doesn’t Hire Kendall Jenner Anymore | Talko News

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  1. Too spoilt, your to far in to get out now Kendall.they don't care about your excuses I'm sure you can get some help with your issues, Be careful what you wish for comes to mind

  2. I too just like Kendall and mostly everyone in the comments below me used to suffer from severe anxiety and panic attacks, to the point it was debilitating and seriously affected my life and my relationships. The only true way I was able to get over my anxiety was when I found faith in Jesus and though help from my family who was there to comfort me and help me get through those terrible moments. I pray that every single person who goes through anxiety and panic disorders can also be free from it like I became free through help from God. I know many say it can be medically treated but all of us who have gone through it know that's not true, once the meds wear off the attacks come right back and you're stuck in that dark pit of despair all over again. I found a cure through faith and help from the UCKG Help Center, those of you who know how it feels to go through this I invite you to visit or, so you too can find your cure as I did. I can now say I am panic and anxiety disorder free, you can be too!

  3. Really…she's a star? That made me laugh. The whole family are not stars. Anyway…I hope she takes a break from the spotlight and then fades from view. I think that would be the best thing for her mental health,…just to be "normal". The whole family would probably benefit from a break…but ego and money are too much of a driving force in their lives.

  4. maybe because she finally realized that she is a fake fashion model. and she doesn't deserve this so called modelling career. she was spoon fed her career . she never earned it . she never paid any dues like people like cindy Crawford , Naomi Campbell , Gisele bunchen. this girl never earned that right based on merits. in short , she is a joke .

  5. Ive never followed the kardashians , I would rather watch a documentary about tea bags. But at least she does something by herself for her fame & fortune ,and it's the model of the too famous family that is the one not changing herself every month. Good on her I reckon.

  6. I used to have severe anxiety attacks everyday! Then I realized it's all in my head… People worry too much about nothing and think something is wrong.. Smoke Blunt, find your happy place which is the world not the tiny box you squeeze yourself into.

  7. Ken Doll is a man. No doubt about it. If you idiots are going to idolize a women why not choose a real one. You know, support your own gender and body type. To say that Ken Doll is not a boy just means that you don't know what you are talking about. Men have certain undeniable traits and if you understood them it would become quite clear that he is a tranny.

  8. How can she not have them when she is truly the only normal one in the family? She is in the family from HELL! There has been no negative press about this poor girl but her family of hoes/thirsty biotches drag her down! Sometimes you have to cut family loose for your own sake Kendall

  9. I suffer from debilitating anxiety well as depression and an eating disorder. My issues keep me up at night as well. I just don't get why she's doesn't seek help. I get it if you want to try to work things out on your own, but there comes a point where you can't. A therapist may provide some assistance to help her to work through her problems. I'm sure she can find a well renowned one with her money. Not trying to be rude at all. Just saying from. experience, though I still haven't found the right fit after years.

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