The Tummy Tuck Procedure | Dr. Sterry Explains

Dr. Thomas P. Sterry, a board-certified plastic surgeon in New York, uses before & after photos of an actual patient to describe the tummy tuck procedure and the improvements it provides. Learn…


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The Tummy Tuck Procedure | Dr. Sterry Explains

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  1. Wait. How do you account for her behind disappearing and reappearing afterwards? The one good caveat is that she didn't appear to have stretchmarks with pregnancy. So it won't look as bad in a bikini as a woman who did. I've seen women with stretchmarks who put on a bikini after losing the pregnancy weight..and it is not a pretty sight let me tell ya. I mean, be real about what you look like to others and wear a sexy one piece with confidence.

  2. Wow,  I`m trying to get in to the kidney transplant list  and the last time I was there they told me that the surgeon will reject me because all the fat that I have in my tummy . I feel disgusting, ugly and I close my eye when I take a shower, I was in Peritoneal Dialysis for 8 years, I let my self go…..Now I`m  dancing and diet  but I see no results!!!   Have you worked on  dialysis patients?  I`ll see a surgeon on March 24 will see what he has to say about my ball of fat.

  3. Dr do you aproximate or tighten the rectus abdominalis muscle in this procedure? I have done lipo there is no fat right now but the pot belly is still there. When I lie flat and raise my leg I can feel only the abdominal muscle and the skin there is no fat in between but wonder why my belly looks like pot ? Can this be rectified by tummy tuck? If so could yiu please tell me how ?

  4. This is a philosophical issue. As a perfectionist, I would recommend having all of your children first. Why go through the trouble of creating a beautiful tummy if there is a chance that it could get stretched out again?
    I certainly have a few patients who got pregnant after (or maybe "because of") their tummy tucks, but this was not planned. Ironically, they look pretty good in the aftermath…but I still wouldn't recommend it.
    Sit tight. Have your family first, then get your tummy tuck.

  5. Dr. Sterry I would love a tummy tuck but plan on having more children. Before I ate everything during pregnancies. I have learned to eat clean now and plan on using my better eating habits towards my next pregnancy to not gain so much weight. Would you recommend a tummy tuck if i still plan on having more children?

  6. Glad you asked!
    please check out my video entitled "Tummy Tuck Recovery". It's the same patient in high definition and I have a closeup of her scar two years after surgery.
    Frankly, you have a point about the scars. Most people would not want to see them in the middle of healing at 3 months to a year because they are still maturing and doctors don't want anyone to judge them before they are finished. Like a chef who won't let you taste a recipe until it's done.
    I hope you like this one better

  7. My apologies, but I don't think it's appropriate to discuss fees in this format. However, if you call the office, my staff is happy to give you a range of fees you might expect depending on your situation. These include OR and anesthesia time (which cost money), so we can't offer an exact figure – just a range of expected costs based on our experience.

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