The Truth About Jay Z And Kanye’s Relationship

If you’re new, Subscribe! → Kanye West and Jay-Z used to be best bros, with Jay even inspiring West’s song “Big Brother,” a …


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The Truth About Jay Z And Kanye’s Relationship

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  1. Kanye is a Gemini, rising Cancer. Horribly emotional blend! I'm grateful I'm a Gemini, rising Virgo because the Virgo is what keeps me from doing full-on Kanye's. I've literally had moments where I wanted to fuck the world and put it all on blast, but that Virgo assesses the pros and cons and lets me know I need to keep my mouth shut. Cancers are self-pitying and responsive, so add that to an expressive Gemini… and then wonder why he lacks impulse control! Jay Z is a Sagittarius and while Sagittarius are compatible with Gemini, they dislike the clingy which is a flaw of Kanye's rising Cancer which Kanye clearly exhibits.

  2. Kanye wants Beyonce and Jay-Z to accept kim Kardashian?… they worked to get where they are and they dont share nudes or sex tapes. Kim used that to get where she is and Beyonce may not want that kind of "role model" around her kids or in her life.

  3. Kenya west has real talent and sure he doesn’t need Jay Z to be successful Jay Z new album sounds like he’s paying for it to be played on the radio

  4. Read his book, watch the interviews he does. Jay-z has been very open about his feelings about Kanye and none of what he has ever been on the record saying matches up with any of this drivel. Beyoncé doesn't have a rivalry with Kim, but Kim and Beyoncé cousin't be more different. The Carters live in privacy and let the public in on their terms. The Wests live very publicly, so obviously theres going to be a divide in the friendship because the couples want such different things. People grow apart it doesn't mean it's a rivalry.

  5. Kanye was blindsided by Jay's want for money. He never thought Jay would put business before friendship and honestly, I believe Jay took advantage of that. Let's be clear, Jay wouldn't be shit if it wasn't for whom he's married to. If you go back to 2004 net worth, Beyonce's net worth was more than Jay's for some years. Kanye considered Jay an icon, a legend, and looked up to him like a big brother. Kanye needs to understand that Beyonce was cheated on by her husband with a Becky with good hair. A random chick who didn't care that Jay was married. Kim has been known to sleep with men who are married or involved in a relationship, so to Beyonce, Kim is a Becky with good hair. Kanye is also narcissistic and self-centered. Him and Jay compare themselves to GOD. Big no-no in my book. Nobody should ever go there. Yes, Beyonce has talent. I notice on her birthday, BET, MTV, VH1 and FUSE pay homage to her by playing her videos all day long. I don't see any of these networks playing Kim's show on her birthday. Maybe on E, but her show is on that network. I don't believe Kim and Kanye's marriage will last. Hold tight everyone, this to shall pass.

  6. Kanye is bipolar . Jay z a cheater. Kim is a attention ho. Beyonce is an idiot for putting up with Jay z 'S cheating ugly azz and popping out babies like nothing wrong. They are all fkd up in some way💅👅

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