The Real Reason Why Meg Ryan’s Career Was Destroyed

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The Real Reason Why Meg Ryan’s Career Was Destroyed

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  1. That's just so weird…her husband cheated on her. She then cheated on her husband…and people turned on her.

    How is one's personal life, linked to onscreen performance appreciation?

  2. This video is complete BS. Her career downfall had nothing to do with the break-up of her marriage or her failure to promote her films. As many, many have commented here, her career was ruined because, as she aged and got what looks like really bad plastic surgery, her looks suffered. In her business women known as romantic leads just cannot sustain a career after this. It is really sad, because I love Meg Ryan's work and I wish she were still making rom coms, but it's not going to happen. The first time I noticed that there was something amiss with her appearance was in Proof of Life, an undeservedly criticized film that is actually quite good. She was only 39 at the time, so this was more than age. That's why so many blame bad plastic surgery.

    The few women who have continued Hollywood success into their 40s are either very versatile (Meryl Streep) or have great aging genes (Michelle Pfeiffer and Susan Sarandon). Susan Sarandon was 42 when she co-starred in Bull Durham.

  3. I love her in each and every role I saw her in. I think I have seen almost all of them even as the world spins.i remember the burger King ads too. she's just adorable. didn't see DOA or rich and famous. seen all the rest. I respect her because there was always a lesson in all of her movies. something to emulate or something to learn from and to avoid being. I think she is an awesome actress. she is private she is real and I really wish people would let go of comments on changes to her appearance. some are so obnoxious and mean. she is awesome and should not have to endure such ridicule. whatever was made at the box office isnt at all a reflection of her acting. she is believable and downright fantastic in each and every role. never holds back and constantly gives her best. who can ask for anything more. Meg you're great and I hop we you are well

  4. As can be plainly seen in these comments- the SINGULAR EVENT that wrecked her career was the plastic surgery. HOW does such a video even get made sidestepping this issue? SO MANY closeups showing Meg at her swollen worst. Bizarre.

  5. I can't believe they didn't mention the real reason her career was destroyed.  Meg Ryan had a beautiful and innocent looking face, it was part of her charm.  She decide to have Botox or something done, which made her look very different.  She didn't even look like herself anymore.  I remember the first time I saw her on TV,after she had her face done,  I kept looking at her, wondering what had happened.  This is what really killed her career, everything else that was mentioned in this video, was overlooked by her fans.  I don't know why the media and Meg Ryan like to pretend that this isn't so, but it is.  I think if she ever decides to talk about it, people will relate to her and be more accepting of the difference in her face.

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