The Celebrity Dickbag Awards

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The Celebrity Dickbag Awards

Comments 36

  1. It makes me wonder if these people are truly expressing their opinions (which I’m in NO way interested in), or – are they being paid off to say these things

  2. Ron Howard if you are so great then why didn't you help out Erin Moran? As many movies as you made, you could give her a role,or anything. She died broke. That's the true face of liberals. It's always screw you let someone else help them. They always wan to use someone else's money.

  3. I think actors should act, and keep their stupid ideas to themselves. Remarkable that such empty headed cretins are so deluded to imagine that anyone would actually care what they think! Stick to acting dummies!

  4. I really wish entertainment celebrities would stfu about politics and just be the performing monkeys i buy their products to enjoy. It's making it harder and harder to be able to just enjoy a movie anymore.

  5. Very truthful an great video exspecialy how they live in gated communitys or mansions with huge walls an know nothing what the rest of us deal with exspecialy when dealing with illegals.

  6. Hey Bre I Love watching the celebrities reveal just how insane they are. You will note when you see such people actually defying logic simply because of their hate for the President but to take their liberal insanity even further they all drank and danced with President Trump in the years prior to 2015 when he said he would run for the office of President. Pathetic …..

  7. I used to like a few of these racist bigot actors, including Robert Downsyndrome Jr. This is the guy who got coked up, went into someone else's house, and got in a little girls bed. He seemed to have redeemed himself afterwords, until this shit. He is going to lecture US? A pedophile rapist burglar is going judge me for my vote? You are NOT Ironman! More like Crumbled Up Aluminum can Man. No more of my money or time wasted on your tainted films.

  8. Aww — even Opie? C'Mon — get a life, Bre. Self promotion for a film or show is one thing, but self promotion and lack of empathy from a leader are two different things. You're trying to equate two very different things. One is fantasy and the other impacts lives. Loser.

  9. It’s called Hollywierd for a reason. A lot of celebrities are buffered from reality because they are held up on a pedestal by fans. They start to get a twisted sense of self worth. The smart ones keep their opinions to themselves. Obviously, it’s ok to have an opinion but when you vilify the other side with that opinion be prepared for the consequences.

  10. I will never understand how or why we place 'entertainers' on pedestals and follow and agree with their ignorance and poorly thought out opinions and decisions. They are no smarter or 'special' than any other citizen of our country, but, because of their notoriety and exposure, because of their ability to 'entertain' us, we are obsessed with their lives, scandals, marriages and yes, their political opinions.

  11. Wonderful Bre, calling out these turds. Like anybody wants to see Mark Buffaloshit nude. I find myself watching movies from the era you called out in your video. You know when actors practiced their craft rather than being left-wing shills.

  12. Actors and performers in general should really stfu because they are moving into a sensitive area for hard working Americans. I vote for the future of my family and I don't need some punk ass Hollywood pedophile insulting my decision making. Hollywood is decaying the fabric of our nation. We retired the Clintons for life with my vote!!!! So fuckoff De Niro and lawyer up because I am pretty sure your name is on one of the 2200 sealed indictments.

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