The best makeup and skincare tip, especially for brown girls (we’re not exempt from the effects of sun exposure!). The Hoojab I’m wearing: …


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  1. Hi, i like your channel, you have impressive personality. I have learned a lot from your channel. unfortunately i have not find these products in Pakistan and amazon is jot shipping these products as well. can you please recomend me anything or way so that i can use these products:)
    Best of luck

  2. hhi plz can anyone tell me how to buy objects frob web sites or how to get crédit card i'm student so how should i get it and what are the fees to buy

  3. Boycott Garnier ladies, they supply the Israeli army with products to wash the blood of Palestinians off their hands. (Google it for proof). I highly recommend the soap and glory SPF which is also 50 and it's a dupe for the khiels one which is another unethical brand. It also prolongs makeup wear ^_^ for more info feel free to check out my ethical beauty blog, Google my YouTube name <3

  4. I tried this today and it didn't work for me 🙁 my foundation came out patchy and the sunscreen sort of clung to my dry patches…idk why…maybe its because i used a very strong and thick sunscreen (it was a physical sunscreen)….my skin is so bad these days :/ losing hope

  5. Is it important to apply "SPF" in winter or rainy season and one more question that is can we apply nail polish in the month of "Ramadan" and then we are fasting😕and I enjoy the watching your video can we plez plez talk to you on video chat on FaceTime plezzzzzz love u

  6. I hope this doesn't sound really dumb but I always get confused as to whether you need a seperate spf moisturiser for the face, or are the regular sunscreens fine? I worry they might be too thick and heavy for the face. :S

  7. Asalam o alikum amena its always fun to see your videos .can you guide me about my skin plz as I have dry skin I am living in Pakistan but I dry cool region and now I have started noticing aging in my skin I am 34 but I have seen ladies of my age with lot more fresh and looks quite young I am putting on wait every passing year feel usually lethargic unfresh dull plz help me I want to feel better look better jazakallah

  8. had no idea all those effects develop in the 20s! thanks for sharing 🙂

    also – can you use nivea suncreams, that are for the body, on your face? as i have an spf30 one that i am now considering using on my face…

  9. Aselamualikum amena , thanks for the video u look beautiful as always , what i want to ask you is am in my twenties and i actually dont use any kind of SPF or moisturizer on my face , only vitamin E when i go to bed but my skin have nothing on it , but am afraid that might not last forever of course so when we select some kind of SPF does our skin color or anything for that matter should affect our choice ? thank you

  10. As a pale gal, I loved this video. I have to put on sunscreen for even brief events so I just put it on daily now 🙂 love your recommendations, and it is so true about brown/dark girls! Two of my sisters are Asian and although they don't burn easily they still can get sun damage. I love your top!! May I ask what your accent is? It sounds like a mixture, and I can't quite place it! Lovely video and much love from the US. 😊

  11. Because of your advice I went and bought some organic spf 30 sunscreen today 🙂 I had no idea about the skin changing in the early 20's – I'm 24 and I'm realizing it's never too early to get serious about skincare. 🙂 <3

  12. I find in summer my skin tends to go a lot browner due to sun, however due to wearing the hijab I end up with a really obvious tan line of my brown skin before and darker brown skin after. Any tips on how to not let this happen?

  13. Masha Allah! The best tip ever! And I'd like to give a small boost. Being a dermatologist have learned that sun generally decreases collagen, which makes skin saggy and wrinkles form. But that's not all, there r around 30 bad effects of sun which u will be protected from on applying sun screen of minimum 30 spf, best 50. And Nivea is the best. There is a cream formulation that reduces the white effect. It comes in a spray bottle. Insha Allah may we all benefit from this info! Jazhak Allahu khairan!!!!

  14. Assalamu'alaikum 😊 good to see u back after 1 week impatiently waiting for a new video to come up 😍.. as always I looooove your video 😍😍.. hope to see you one day in mauritius, visiting my country

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