THE BEST AFFORDABLE Makeup Brushes | Nicole Cutler

click here to SUBSCRIBE to my channel, new videos MWF!: Hi loves! Today I am sharing with y’all some of my ALL TIME FAVORITE affordable…


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THE BEST AFFORDABLE Makeup Brushes | Nicole Cutler

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  1. Hey!! This is quite possibly a very dumb question…. but I am wanting to buy some of the sigma brushes and want to use your affiliate code/link but I'm honestly not sure how it works! Lol do I just click the link and it will automatically save me money/give you money? Even if I don't save any money from it I still want to use it, but just wanted to make sure I'm doing it right

  2. I don't get all the rude comments over brushes, she simply named the brushes SHE likes so others could like them too she can't control if they are affordable for you. If they aren't affordable for you then simply get the ones she said that were cheaper she's out here spending time for YOU even though the negativity give her some credit thanks

  3. I just wanted to come back on this video and say that I work at Marshalls and noticed that we had some of the CALA brushes in. I bought the powder one to see if I liked it and I am IN LOVE WITH IT!!! I'm so glad I found your channel recently and watched this video otherwise I would have never thought to buy this specific one! Such a hit!

  4. I love my sigma brushes! It was an investment but worth every penny! Having good brushes can definitely change your make-up game!!! And I love the fact you threw in some affordable brushes too! (regardless of what people think…ugh haters.)

  5. Thanks for all the great info!!! I'm curious how you clean your Loreal makeup sponge. I cleaned mine with coconut oil and mild soap and it just isn't the same as it was before.

  6. I'm just curious but has anyone else had an issue with sigma brushes falling apart after using them for a while? I bought mine almost exactly a year ago and I have 3 brushes where the barrel is going to fall apart shortly! I LOVE my sigma brushes but it's so sad 😔

  7. What do you considerable "affordable"? You should define that in the beginning of the video. More than half of these are not considered affordable to the majority. The title is a bit misleading.

  8. One brand that should be on this list of affordable brushes should be Eco Tools. They have a blending duo sponges that are amazing. I'm just shocked that it's not listed. Or the fact that Elf brushes weren't on your list of affordable brushes. These two companies even though they are at the drugstore should be talked about. I would say that spending $16-$20 on just one individual brush isn't really affordable. I wouldn't do that because I can't afford it. I get that you have some kind of partnership with Sigma. But you should have done a separate video for highest than one for affordable (cheapest).

  9. I adore Sigma brushes but I definitely wouldn't call them affordable. There will always be brands that are more expensive but just because they cost less than Tom Ford I wouldn't say they are affordable.. But regardless me too I'd still buy them because they are truly great brushes!

  10. I love the pink loreal sponge I also got the Eco tools green two pack sponge and they are amazing to they have a unique flat point so you can get precise. I definitely recommend you should give it a try they are very affordable to.

  11. I know a lot of people think sigma is expensive but I think the quality difference between them and cheaper brands is part of what makes them more affordable than abh and others. Great video, Nicole! Keep doing what you're doing😊

  12. I love you and your content.

    A little constructive criticism though, you repeat yourself a lot, I think you may just get nervous? Idk, but maybe now that I pointed it out you may catch yourself doing it. 😝 (this is said out of love!!)

  13. I was going to say since Wet n' Wild has expanded their product line in Walgreens at least, they have started carrying all of the brushes they have to offer. I was so happy when I saw that. I finally picked up the Large Stipple brush and the Fan brush. I am in love with both!
    I hope you have an awesome weekend;)

  14. Im surprised MAC brushes weren't named 😳 Sigma or Zoeva are crazy expensive, but I do hear a lot of beauty bloggers rave about them. And they seem to ALL be affiliates… lol

  15. Haven't used any of the brushes mentioned!! But definetly going to check them out! Love your videos! You're one of my favorite Youtubers to watch! You're so beautiful! God Bless! ❤️

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