Testing MY FOLLOWER’S Best Makeup Tips & Tricks! Lauren Curtis

Hi guys! So I posted on Instagram asking for your best makeup tips and tricks and received almost 1000 comments! This video is me putting your favourite tips to the test 😀 I hope you enjoy…


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Testing MY FOLLOWER’S Best Makeup Tips & Tricks! Lauren Curtis

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  1. Not sure where to post requests, but can you PLEASE do a tutorial video on blending eyeshadow? You always use such amazing colors and blends and I struggle so much to understand how and why and where to blend 😫 despite years of playing with makeup and watching other videos haha. When it works for me it's always a fluke and hard to recreate! Lol. We have such similar eyes so I'd love to see a more close up video all about shadow 😊 Thanks! You're the best!

  2. The first tip is originally by Wayne Goss. Or better said: He made this tip more known/popular.
    The Mac Paint Pot trick is by Nikkia Joy, or, same as Wayne Goss, she made this tip more known/popular.

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  4. My tip for undereyes is to apply a moisturiser as normal, and then more just before you apply concealer. You can even tap more on over the top if necessary! If you don't powder you can pat the creases out through the day if need be.

  5. Hi Lauren! I've been watching your channel for a while and I have another tip for you on winged liner! I usually do my eyemakeup and liner before my foundation so i can wipe them into shape with a make-up wipe. I posted this tip on reddit a few weeks ago and it gained so much attention that Allure made an article about it. Its pretty simple and you probably already know this trick but here is the article with more details and pictures: https://www.allure.com/story/viral-winged-liner-trick-reddit

  6. If you tap a light layer of matte setting spray under your eyes on top of your concealer and then let it dry completely while trying not to move so as not to crease it then lightly powder , it REALLY helps the concealer not settle into fine lines ! I got this tip from watching an ASMRtist vlogs …….. her channel it called “gentle whisper “

  7. try putting a small amount of facial oil under your eyes before concealer (so after foundation and such) to help with dry creasy under eyes. also in addition to the removing foundation from under your eyes, you could just avoid the area when applying just to make things easier. also if you want the powder hack to work, maybe apply it with a damp sponge so it melts into the skin opposed to it sitting on top of the skin. another thing is if you don't want the hassle of not being able to blend the concealer around your eyebrows with eye shadow primer in them. try a wax pencil, make the brow less stiff while keeping it on longer (if you struggle with them not staying on) and you can blend better around. bite beauty has a good one (its for lips but who cares) but if you want something cheaper i believe wet and wild has one.

  8. Another good tip for liner is to start at the tip of the wing and work twords the lid so when you first lay your brush on your eye it's nice and crisp for that sharp point…love you Lauren❤️❤️

  9. Have a gander at Wayne Goss' videos, his trick of powder under foundation was from years ago and he's recently redone specific tricks that have lasted the time. He's amazing!

  10. This was awesome! I think this could make a really good video series! Like you said there are a lot of tips and you can't do them all! You might find tip combos that work together too!

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