Televised Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

Televised Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong | Five years ago, a British flight attendant visited Los Angeles for free plastic surgery.A show in …


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Televised Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

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  1. Better hope the silicone replacements weren't made by PIP. Seriously why does she need them replaced anyway, just take them out altogether, small tits look better than fake tits. I'll never understand why women have this procedure unless they have a disfigurement.

  2. Sad. This tv show took advantage of the insecurity of this poor woman. Also, she gave into her own vanity. I do not believe it plastic surgery unless it helps fix a problem that drastically impacts life function and not only to make you look better.

  3. Plastic surgeons should refer 50% of their clientele to the psychiatry department. It is wrong to perform an esthetic medical procedure on a 18 year old insecure teenager or on a depressed 40+ year old woman.

  4. I have small tits, I don't gain weight there. Even when I was almost 30lbs heavier. My chest is actually slightly larger now then it used to be. I was a C cup when I was 10+lbs underweight(not intentionally)
    I wouldn't get breast implants unless I had flat pancake boobs. Only then would it be slightly worth the cost and the fact I would have to replace them 5-10 years if they didn't pop

  5. i served with the 101 st air borne in vietnam i earned the silver star the bronze star and the purple heart along with two citations for valor i have seen men killed by morters, rockets gernades and gunfire i have seen them killed on purpose and by accident but here in tulsa i witnessed the cruelest most vicious thing of them all ms bones 1950

  6. I think it's hilarious how people feel the need to fix something that is not broken. Plastic Surgery should only be necessary for either health reasons or when someone is disfigured in an accident or by birth. You honestly think that just because you get a pair of sac boobs or injections in your face, that, that will solve your inability to love who you are as God made you? Loving yourself comes from within, not from a scalpal.

  7. OMG!! when will these fucking stupid women learn? i have yet to met any man who prefer fake over the real thing! guys think its unattractive anyway! if u dont feel like a women seek counciling with your self-esteem issues.

  8. I think you need to drink a little before you talk, because that's too robotic to report, and I have to skip through. not to mean rude, just idea, you need move, change your tone when talking, smile a bit. show emotion.

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