Tati Halo Beauty | Vitamin Regulations Myth/Reality

Hey guys! So Tati Westbrook (I lover her!) came out with her own brand and her first product is vitamin! And omg.. so much drama surrounding this announcement! So as a pharmacologist and a…


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Tati Halo Beauty | Vitamin Regulations Myth/Reality

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  1. For all her beauty videos with her fake persona, when the chips were down, the real Tati showed through. If you really listen to her "explanation" video, Tati basically says " I'm the bomb, I will always be the bomb, and there's nothing you losers can say or do to change that." At least that's what struck me about it. She forgets who butters her bread. Never subscribed to her, never will.

  2. Thank you so much for this knowledge filled video. I think Tati is a fine person, but I won't pay $40. I have used a calcium supplement for years and a fish oil formula. Together they cost $40. I'm very happy with them.

  3. Vitamins do work…what are you talking about? You are one of those people who believes in pharmaceuticals which are plant based – but synthetic (many pharmaceuticals mimic plant healing properties)..but plants are most effective and less harmful and risky. You clearly only know about chemicals —- not naturals and vitamins

  4. Thank you so much for making this video! As a pharmacist I have many concerns about Tati’s product and how she is pushing it. You are so knowledgeable in this area and have helped me better explain the issues with the supplement industry at large. My biggest complaint with Tati is that she seems to be acting as a health care professional and giving medical advice and guidance. Thank you again for putting this out there in such an unbiased and informative way.

  5. This could be said about any HSN supplements. Do research before you put something on your skin or in your body. If anyone is going to be upset about this, they need to be upset will all the chemicals in the makeup they wear.

  6. Great video, thank you so much for sharing your knowledge! I really enjoyed the information and have subscribed.

    I was quite surprised by Tati's supplement launch also and can honestly say I would never buy her product. If I did feel the need to take a supplement, I would be far more likely to consult a natural health practitioner first or buy from a known brand (for much less cost). It just seems like a really curious and risky product as a first launch…

    I would be really interested in seeing a hypothetical breakdown of costs – of the ingredients themselves and the likely cost of hiring a lab, production etc. The price of the product (especially after conversion into Aus $) seems outrageous.

  7. Brilliant video and explanation! You've gained a new subscriber 🙂 not sure why you're getting downvoted for this video because it's the best i've seen related to the Tati vitamin release.

  8. I personally have no problem with her launching something outside her lane of makeup. I watched a bit of her video addressing concerns and she said she's always been all about vitamins, but just lowkey about it since she is a makeup channel after all. No one knows everything about her, so I kinda think that it's unfair for people to say that she should have "stayed in her lane."

    However, I do think that she needs to be more transparent about the ingredients and side effects of the product. It's crazy for her to make these claims saying that she saw a difference in her skin, hair, and nails in 2 weeks WITHOUT using before and after comparisons. Or even removing her makeup when she made a video about it. Just doesn't make sense to me. Also, from what I recall, she has had botox a few years before. Not sure if she still does, and I have nothing against it. Just saying that if she makes all these claims about seeing a difference without evidence, I hope that she doesn't use botox or anything like that.


  10. I disagree that there is no evidence that vitamins work. I am a doctor, and we always prescribe supplements to our patients who have deficiencies e.g vitamins D or B12 deficiencies or iron deficiency, and we do follow up blood tests to see if they have improved and in most cases they do, and their symptoms and physical examinations also get better. There are some exceptions with people who have malabsorption issues that may need injections or IV administration of vitamins. I for example have to get IV iron because iron from oral tablets does not get absorbed properly in my intestines, and they do not improve my hemoglobin levels at all. Otherwise, I love the video. Thanks for your input, Anne.

  11. She clearly bought rights for those vitamins and labels it as hers. It is as hers as gymshark leggings are (the entire aliexpress was full of them before gymshark labeled them and did some good marketing). This is the death of her credibility tho.

  12. Excellent video clearly explained, and hitting the subscriber button. Learning about how she should have approached her first launch is educational and a learning experience for everyone.

  13. Anne, thank you for this video. I too am subscriber of Tati and love her videos but like everyone else was a little shocked that she launched a vitamin supplement. As a vegan the only supplement I ingest is B12 and I get a blood test every 3 months to check my levels and adjust my intake based on those test results. As someone with both kidney and liver issues ingesting anything into my body, vitamins or FDA approved drugs is a no no and I watch it very carefully. I don't even use NASIDS for pain relief. I don't need those two vital organs working any harder than they are to filter out any sort of drug or vitamin out of my body. I find it sad when people think a pill or vitamin will change the texture, structure or prevent ageing of their body. Genetics play a huge roll in our hair, skin and body. Start young with a great moisturizer, sunscreen at all times and eat right. Love yourself and don't think that a magic pill will change anything.

  14. For example If I take a SSRI antidepressant, ( selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor ) and I plan on taking St. John’s Wort, it will be unsafe. St. John’s Wort interacts with serotonin and the risk of serotonin syndrome its there, and it could be fatal.

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