Stunning Makeup Trends You’ll Be Trying In 2018

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Stunning Makeup Trends You’ll Be Trying In 2018

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  1. I think most of these are trending right now, I would throw in gold leaf around her eyes it's a beautiful look and classy works well with darker skin tones, crystal are awesome collected the all through my life be nice to utilize ground mica to create a natural shimmer in makeup. While we are at it personalization is everything and that's down to the hair cut I am seeing on the street far more cyberpunk tankgirl haircuts and it's fucking cool works with the whole hype beast Asiatic style and with high degree of personalization patches, badges, handmade accessories, debranded clothing pieces and the neon colour pops on shoes and accessories. Fashion this year is really pulling away from reproducing and tweaking trends of the past. I think a bit of a drugged out look is in without the heroin chic stick thin effect. Its not even spring yet and fashion is already getting pretty exciting on the street. Personalized bags, messaged bags, backpacks with retro texture and modern colouration is coming in. I saw a nice Tibetan fold over bag that was hot as fuck and the same woman had what she called a Frances bag which had alot of appeal to me it provided a large surface area for a unique print transfer, embroidery or even weird unique personalize customization. I also love the yoga pants and leggings cuts it's a nice way to personalize and show a little more flesh, hot look.

  2. Instead of following trends, why not find develop your ow style and stick to it? Eventually your "look" will be on trend and you'll be the trendsetter…

  3. I think it's cool that before knowing any of this I have recently bought so many colorful eyeshadows, red blush, been wearing violet eyeshadow more often and so on… omg I'm from the future! xD

  4. I highly doubt people would be able to leave the cakey foundation and heavy contouring. Fresh natural skin fits the models because they are already perfect. But ugly people need a ton of shit to transform their face. Many influencers wouldn't even look the same with natural skin. This is why this trend was so popular: people can transform without any effort to improve their skin care. They will have to find a way to tone down the contouring I guess.

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