Simple, Natural-Looking School Makeup for Strict Schools!

A super easy and natural makeup look for any gals who go to a school that’s run like a military camp but still want to wear a bit of somethin’ somethin’.


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Simple, Natural-Looking School Makeup for Strict Schools!

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  1. As to be honest:
    My school don't allow us to do any makeup we go in simple braids even if u have short hair you should have to make a ponytail. And u r not allowed to use makeup and if u do so u a're teased by teachers uneccesary complements . Sorry fr my bad English

  2. I find clear mascara works really well for school. It doesn’t show any colour so if your not actually allowed to wear makeup to school then it will not show. It will just lengthen your eye lashes making them look longer than they are which is always really nice and it won’t show any colour so your teacher will think you have naturally long lashes because there is no colour! You can prove it. And you don’t need it to be water proof because if it gets wet, it’s clear so nothing will show.

    I suppose any other colour would be fine but my teachers aren’t as layed back as yours so they would notice the Slightest thing, that’s why getting hold of a mascara that’s clear is helpful. But don’t think what’s the point because it does do something obviously, just nothing major.

  3. My name is Ruby and I am a makeup addict. My school has a strict policy on makeup, we are not allowed but what a surprise. Most schools across the world, particularly England from my experience, are not allowed but having being a makeup obsessor I am, do you honestly think I am going to take their word for it. No! Someone is always going to up the challenge, I guarantee at least one person has tried it on before, whether they were caught out or not or were the teachers really fooled, I don’t know but seeing this video was extremely helpful although you really tried it on 😂

    I have a secret for you all on how to get away with it. Listen, I’ve done it and my school is extremely strict. I wanna help as many of you out as possible on this because I know how it feels. Concealer and clear mascara is PERFECT! Who could notice that.

    I’ve only started putting together a tutorial of what makeup to wear that isn’t too noticeable. I’ve been doing this for three months and not a sign of anyone noticing at all. I’m going to try and add to it if I can once I’ve thought of other ways to improve it (perhaps adding more products to it) remember, I mustn’t go too crazy because one mess up and I’ve had it. I’ll have everyone on the lookout. You are welcome to take this advice as if it were your yours because I honestly don’t mind. I just wanna help you out. Hope this helped and sorry if it was long ❤️Good luck, girlies

  4. I'm from India and my school doesn't even allow ponytails. We hav to plate the hair into two and no accessories means no. Only STUDS. Only black hair bands. Seriously guys? Grow up.

  5. In my school we aren't allowed to wear makeup and I once got caught for wearing lipgloss and got in trouble yet someone in year 10 got away with wearing a crap ton of makeup also her foundation was really cakey and she even had a eyeliner wing ;-;

  6. Help..I go to a catholic school and my face has been breaking out so much and I really wanna wear makeup I'm not sure if my school absolutely bans makeup but I'm pretty sure.I remember once I wore a nude lip gloss and I got a few questions from my friend si told them it was chap stick lol ever since then I never wore makeup to school..😐

  7. In India teacher just concentrate on teaching and they r not interested what girls done with there face they just give freedom to us and no body says anything to us for makeup but in some school two side braid is necessary but girls just doing this two side braid in more stylish way

    By the way ur video was too good

  8. My school story:
    No makeup
    No nail paints
    No hair styles
    a braid or just a ponytail
    No excess perfume
    No lip balm
    No electronics
    A note book for each subject and and a extra note book for test with each subject and total subject are 9
    Short nails
    School shoes
    basically its a JAIL.. THAT HOW YOU CAN EXPLAIN IT! 😞😂

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