Shelby After Nose Surgery (Septoplasty)

warning: don’t watch this if you don’t like blood… here’s footage from before, right after waking up, and a few days later from my sinus surgery. I had a septoplasty, turbinate reduction,…


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Shelby After Nose Surgery (Septoplasty)

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  1. I’m having septoplasty this coming Monday. I’m nervous, but it’s for a better life. One with no more chronic pain. Also, you have the best dad ever. I’d love for my dad to be so caring.

  2. My boyfriend got a septoplasty two days ago, and he's getting some stitches removed today. I can't be with him and it pains be because It probably hurts and even if it doesn't hurt.. he's had problems to breathe and I hope in the future days he's better.

    Each person deals with healing in a different way, and I'm surprised to see how much you spoke the day of the surgery. My boyfriend barely spoke after the surgery.

    Hope you're doing fine, warm regards from Spain

  3. I had a septoplasy and tonsillectomy done at the same time and I can honestly say the tonsillectomy is so much worse I didn't even pay attention to my nose. I literally felt no pain in my nose lol

  4. Im gunna get this done this summer, but ive had kidney stone surgery( a metal tube goes in ur dick and then a stent in ur kidney with a string going out of ur dick) so i think i could get thru this better than my kidney stone removal

  5. Your idea of a good dinner is Chipotle??? Cmon Carpe diem.
    P.S. i will have my nose done soon and i will get lobster bohahahaha :DDD
    P.S.S. Thnx for sharing this video it really helps to feel better about surgery 🙂

  6. Turbinate surgery can be very dangerous. Your turbinates are very important to the function of breathing—they are not just useless meat in your nose. It's not like removing an appendix. You need your turbinates. Anytime a doctor does anything to the turbinates, it risks causing all sorts of breathing and sinus problems. Look up the tern Empty Nose Syndrome, which can occur even when very little tissue is removed. Your doctor should suggest you try EVERY other option before surgery, such as allergy testing, medications for vasomotor rhinitis, avoiding household irritants, etc.

  7. Awww your Dad seems like a big sweetheart. Love your cat, my daughters name is Sedona 🙂 Thanks for sharing your experience. My doc wants me to have it done. I searched videos and found yours. Honest review.

  8. She was recovering pretty poorly. I had 3 procedures done in one go one of them was septoplasty, about 2 hour long operation. As soon as I woke up and was rolled away from recovery ward to my room I was on my feet, wobbly but definitely not dying like this….

  9. I had it last Monday. Atleast you weren't one of those rare cases like me. Was so painful after surgery. They had to re pack my nose. I looked like a blood bath when they were doing it. Fucking cried for long time. Worst pain

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