Saumya Tandon: What’s in my makeup bag | Makeup Favourites | S01E09 | Fashion | Pinkvilla

Saumya Tandon is known for her amazing sarees and beauty looks. What very few people know is that on her hit TV Show, Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai, she styles her own looks, wears her own sarees and…


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Saumya Tandon: What’s in my makeup bag | Makeup Favourites | S01E09 | Fashion | Pinkvilla

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  1. one thing she's absolutely right about is foundation it's a big no for me as well no matter how much u try to put it right it still looks made up and I love make up which doesn't look made up instead that subtle glowly face that is something everybody would love to get bb creams and cc creams rock

  2. You are extremely gorgeous saumya! I love your dresses in your show. You look very glamorous and for people who are saying that she is being harsh about her complexion, please go get atleast some knowledge about makeup before saying things like that. Its extremely important to pick right products according to one's complexion and that's what she is saying. She even mentioned that she is having a pale skin. May be you people didnot notice that. I think we really need to gather some positivity in ourselves and try spread that everywhere. Please stop spreading hatred for others.

  3. in every single video of hers, i have seen her talking about – or at least mentioning – how fair she is. Like EVERY SINGLE VIDEO. but this is the first time i have decided to hate on her arrogance. can someone please let her know that she is not the only fair complexioned woman in India? Punjab and Himachal pradesh is full of Fair girls. Girls in UP/Gujrat/Assam are also fair.

  4. she use makeup product which are against animal testing but uses leather bag which made by killing animal.saw her inside beg video…….her concern and compassion for animal is joke

  5. She does realise that where she keeps harping on about her passion for being against animal creuelty when promoting and buying makeup, on the other hand she buys leather bags?

  6. All those who are complaining are just jealous because she is grounded and she mentioned that she has a pale skin, which you ppl overheard due to jealousy. She not always brags about her skin.

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