Sali Hughes’ No Nonsense Beauty Guide – Makeup bag overhaul

Beauty journalist Sali Hughes gives her non nonsense advice on those must-have beauty items for your make-up bag. For more from Sali check out her own Youtube channel and her website here:…


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Sali Hughes’ No Nonsense Beauty Guide – Makeup bag overhaul

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  1. Do makeup brushes need to be replaced? I think the one that the woman had in her bag was a bit mistreated. It looks like it wasn't cleaned as often as it should and it also is of low quality I can tell. When you invest in expensive makeup brushes and you take care of them properly, I don't think you need to replace them, they are expensive for a good reason anyway.

  2. loved this, but for the next segment can we see the person trying on the new make up with a new make up look?
    where do i sign up, i have great eye lids and a lot of space (i've been told) but i just don't know how to do more than a wash of colour!

  3. Brilliant!! Going to an M&S forthwith! I wonder if there are any tips for those (like performers) who need to wear dramatic makeup but find it ageing? Especially vintage-style makeup? Tricky after 35, I've found. (I realise this is a very specialist question)

  4. Love this concept Sali.  Hope to see more.  (and you can critique my bag ANYtime).  JSeeing the products on the interviewee and a little bit about their life would be awesome too.  Like What Not to Wear, except for makeup.  🙂

  5. I adore and know my makeup. In the 25 years I've been using Maybelline Great Lash I have NEVER had eye infections of any type! It's silly to suggest you throw out a perfectly good product after 8 weeks!! The wand lives inside the tube also to protect it. Like I said they normally last many months. We are not all made of money. The average woman would find that suggestion very out of touch. Thanks.

  6. I love the fact that you're doing this now. I've been following you for a little over a year, have really enjoyed your videos, your scope of knowledge and your attitude and spirit. I bought your book and really enjoyed it and have told people about were gone from YouTube for a while and I'm so glad you're back because nobody else covers the subject quite the way you do. Cheers

  7. Hi Sali, I know that you love eyelash extensions, and would love it if you could give us some tips. I've had my first set on for just under a month now and am wondering about maintenance. I have a spooly wand, and extension friendly gentle wipes for around the eye, but am wondering if I can do anything about shedding. As warned, I have been losing much more from my sleeping side than the other. I am planning on getting more refills on that side as well. Let us know, thanks!

  8. Love your content Sally – the styling lets you down. I prefer one camera view. The music is distracting and dated. Also would recommend shorter/squarer nails on your manicure. Good luck !

  9. I've never really understood the problem with brown mascara. If your hair is on the lighter side and you're going for a really natural look, brown or brown-black mascara is the only option. Just my two cents!

  10. Love what you did with that lady changing her makeup also would have been nice to see the change on her skin from old to new and to see the difference what makeup can do. Cheers

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