REALDRSIX | Snapchat and Instagram Surgeon Controversy

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REALDRSIX | Snapchat and Instagram Surgeon Controversy

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  1. Dr. Jugenburg is my favorite surgeon to follow on snapchat. He gives you a realistic view of surgery not just the after pictures. He gives you the full range of everything from beginning to the end. He gives people the education that they might not get otherwise. He has made it easier for those people who are scared to look into surgery without knowing what will be going on. He has done a lot of good for many many people.

  2. To be honest, I’ve always wanted to have some nips and tucks done myself. But, it’s a huge surgery to go through and not really knowing what all happens. The internet tells you over whelming amount of information. Watching Dr.Six and Dr.Miami , has really eased any doubts or fear I had about the procedure. Watching them on Snapchat everyday. Very VERY informational, it’s amazing to watch something that takes so much skill and knowledge. These men are very talented and have excellent hands when it comes to surgeries. Also while a camera is on them and explaining what is going on, answering questions. Showing follow ups, before and after. It’s truly amazing. Thought this is what technology is for. To expand and broadened the way too learn. It’s also very intriguing to watch. Now that I’ve accomplished my fear of going under the knife, just got to come up with them Benjamin’s to get myself done. Also, one more thing they make sure the patient is okay being filmed and that they are very well taken care of during it so nothing goes wrong. I think it’s great what he is doing and many other dr’s.

  3. Dr. Jugenburg is the only Doctor I have on my snap chat that I can’t miss a day of! I even love watching follow day, he actually shows the reality of what before and After’s look like. You can see from one, to four weeks post operative, and then when they come back 3 to 6 months and even a year later. It truly is amazing to hear the excitement and pure joy and pure love he has, it’s not just a job or just the next patient or about making money he always wants what’s best for the patient.

    I think having surgery on social media really does help people understand the procedure and expectations. I know from watching Snapchat what to expect now and especially how Dr. Jugenburg explains everything it makes me feel way more comfortable getting an elective surgery done, and having it posted online for learning purposes!

    I think it would be a huge disadvantage to not have plastic surgery on social media!

  4. I love Dr.6. I’ve been working in health care a long time and have had a breast aug w saline in the past. 2004. I’m ab to have them changed (my implants) out and a tummy tuck done on February 14. I was, still was terrified, his explanation, advice, thorough talking and showing w his patients permissions, helped make me really understand it all. I’m still scared of the TT but dr. 6. Has made me so comfortable. I went to my pre op today and I can say w 100% confidence, if it wasn’t for watching and listening to Dr.6, and talking w my personal PS ab my worries that i brought up that I felt from listening to what dr.6 explained…. I wouldn’t go into surgery. I’m also a lupus pt and i am completely at ease thanks to dr.6 and his staff. Feb 14 is my day. MUCH LOVE DR.6. We have the same birth month btw. Mine is the 28th.

  5. I would not do plastic surgery because of the fear of not knowing what to expect. Now I would and now I know who to look for in a Surgeon. Please keep up the good work and education

  6. Hello. I'm having a bbl and rhinoplasty done in a month and watching your videos have really educated me and is helping me prepare myself for what my body is going to go threw. I love that you take the time and explain. With this being said that I'm having a bbl and rhinoplasty done at the same time can you give me some tips on how to sleep lol I am kinda worried about doing the both at the same time because I'm not sure how to posture my self for sleep. Thank you in advance

  7. I thoroughly enjoy watching both your Snapchat, and Instagram posts. Your videos helped me become more informative, and ready for my surgery. I think it’s important for people to see the entire process start to finish to truly understand what’s involved. That’s something that simply reading up on google can’t provide. I think it’s great that you not only show the good side of things, but you also show the possible complications that may occur. I am so grateful for everything you and your incredible staff have done for me!

  8. You are my favorite surgeons to watch. You keep it professional, informative, yet fun to watch. Watching your surgeries has calmed my nerves and inspired me to get the surgeries I've been wanting. It's nice to be able see how it's done and listening to your informative narratives. Thank you for Snapping the surgeries and to the patients that allow us to watch them. 😊

  9. I think it's a great way to see what's going on when you have the surgery and a great way to stay informed when you're considering surgery. And huge plus to normalize plastic surgery!

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