Quick Aquarium Sand Cleaning – How To/DIY

Here’s how to clean your aquarium sand! I use a suction hose system that connects to my mud sink. It sucks waste out of the tanks then reverses to fill with clean water. No buckets. Hope you…


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Quick Aquarium Sand Cleaning – How To/DIY

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  1. I was under the assumption that fish waste just sits on top of sand in sand tanks. so there is no need to go digging around all over the place you just need to hover over the top to get the poop and other things. and if you have a planted tank you couldn't really do this Anyway. or am I mistaken?

  2. hi, have doubt on how the heavy waste particle get sucked, wont it fall down back to tank same as sand ? and what about the water loss ? are you pouring back new water ?

  3. Looking to do a brackish tank and was thinking about sand. So far you are the only one that has put the tube all the way into the sand. I am looking to have a lot of coral type decor. One of my questions is do I need to clean under it? I would hate to mess up the fishes homes because you know it never goes back the way you had it.

  4. You claim you are not an expert but you're more accurate than the majority of those on here that pretend to be. Every 2 weeks is TOO MUCH, however. IF you have live plants this is way way too much, especially with smaller fish.. Huge goldfish.. maybe.. I have fat fancy goldfish and even i don't do sand cleaning that often. I also have live plants, so it equals out.

  5. what syphon is this ? I'm planning on getting a 60 gallon for my 4 inch guinea side neck turtle and i feel like sand will look and be better for my turtle ? any opinions

  6. I'm familiar with the vacuum but I quit aqua afew years ago. I recently set up a small betta tank with sand. I'm unsure if I can vacuum it like I would a normal tank being just 20L it will drain the tank lol.

    should I just vac sections of the tank weekly and use a small barrel head?

    if you have a better solution great. it's love betta duo tank with I would say medium grain sand.

  7. What is that long tube called? I just have my own DIY vac but I end up just using the hose and going along the surface since not a lot of stuff gets under the sand but I'm sure over time it adds up

  8. Hello. I can't seem to get an answer for my fishtank. I have the fluval edge which makes it harder to clean my tank, and I have white sand. Everytime I try to use a vacuum or hose to clean the sand, I end up doing a 50% water change, and still a huge mess with poop all over the place! How are you cleaning the poop with the water sucking in so little? Are you folding the hose ?

  9. Brandon, I drain my python into a kitchen sink and am worried about sand clogging the sink. It LOOKS like in your video it works like gravel and just swirls around and doesn't get mixed in the water. Do you ever get sand in your mud sink? I have gravel and it does like the video and just swirls around.

  10. Hello Brandon, Just happened across your videos. Thanks for posting them! We plan on upgrading our tank. We have a single RES. I know once we get the larger tank most likely I'll need a vacuum system. Which do you use? Any feedback on ones not to buy?

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