Put It to the Test: Drinkable Collagen

Drinkable collagen claims that it can make your skin firmer and younger, but does it really work? Subscribe to The Doctors: LIKE us …


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Put It to the Test: Drinkable Collagen

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  1. Such a cheap show. "Put it to the test"….. no they didn't. It's opinion only. If they wanted to test, then they woukd have measured the women's skin before and after. It was just a commercial. Just like any cream add…."100 tried the cream for a month and most "felt" they looked better. This show is a joke!

  2. You have to give collagen at least 3-6 months to see results!! I worked at a health food store and all the women who buy the liquid collagen called aminosculpt have glowing skin!! Liquid absorbs a bit quicker into your body but the powders are amazing too! A great powdered collagen is Vital proteins! In the morning, I just put a scoop of that into my coffee. At night, I put some in my hot tea. It dissolves immediately and their is no taste. I have less acne, my skin is brighter, quick recovery after exercise and less cellulite!! I feel the best that I've felt in a long time 😊! I promise it's worth a shot! Y'all have a great day ☀️ ❤️

  3. They looked better in before pic though, after they look tired. They wearing makeup on the show so no one can use that as evidence it worked. I don't know but I believe the doctor, it's more of a placebo effect, they think they have improved.

  4. Hell, I dunno. Been a nurse since 1990/an Army medic since 82. I was running to bring back a cooler of packed red blood cells to an OR room when I knocked over a total joint replacement surgeon. The best one in the state perhaps. Condroitan, MSM, Glucosamine and Collagen supplements in 2 bottles fell out of his jacket. He picked them up as I appologized. I asked them if they worked and he said "Well I would not trust any other surgeon to replace my hips or knees and besides, I stand on them all days, and by the research I get, they do work". I have degenerative osteo-arthritis from extensive radiation and chemo. I had 3 lobes of lung removed from cancer (non smoker, my mother and father were ridiculous smokers) and I kept taking those supplements. As well as a clean diet and a clean life. I may have had multiple cancer operations including both left lungs removed and the lower right lung destroyed . I still work and have an active life. I am now 58, my avatar is 4 years old. I eat clean and take an array of anti oxidents, vitamins, probiotics, Collagen, and Glucosamine, ec. I may be balding, but I look good for someone who was given an expiration date 5 years ago and refuse pulmonary rehab because "I was just going to die in a couple months". SO what if its a placebo? Its not oxycodone or heroin or something horrible. In fact, it is a building block for all the body cells. Yeah, I have used collagen for very extended periods of time. I am skeptical , but I do have 14 years of college and am a med school drop out (I had the extended PSy D. prison rotation of manipulative junkies). Guess what if OZ is promoting Garcinia Cambogia which is a useless fruit, then thinking collagen and hyaluronic acid supps are ok. Invfact they actually do something like making protein more available to the body especially in vegans who are nutritionally malnourished due to shortages of some amino acids that would create a complete protein. Also we do not know how much aging damage continues botox and fillers and lasers can age skin below the dermal layer. Wear zinc and titanium and eat clean.Do't smoke. don't do drugs, limit alcohol

  5. Only the woman in the middle appears to have a fuller face to me. Also, having good skin (or slow to age skin) depends upon so many other factors. Melanin content for one, heredity being the other. Then there are factors like the environment, food intake etc. What works for some may not work for others, and then there are those who just give up when they don't see immediate results.

  6. They are some that is called biocell tht make claim but theres modern biocell that has a patent on it and u place under the tongue. They got a few diff ones. Pure, life , skin, and sport. Its tad pricey but im amazed at ppl tht doing before n after pics , but i guess for 2 bottles, 140 dollrs isnt bad if your going for youngef look but also to repair your bonez and of coase the plastic surgeon wont admit it. I am taking a cheaper version and my hair comin back, also clean eatinv helps and im tryinh to break sugar addiction

  7. I can't believe he is disregarding this as a placebo! I'm young, in my 20's & bought some Vital Proteins from whole foods out of mere curiosity due to seeing my skin change due to prior malnutrition. I was STUNNED by the results in just 2 days ! It was very drastic enough for others to notice! The days of the cosmetic surgery industry are numbered ⏳…

  8. The liquid collagen I use is amazing! Of course the plastic surgeon doesn't want to lose business! You cant just buy any product & think it's going to be effective. It has to be quality stuff!

  9. Im only 50 seconds into the video, and already have an issue with it. They did not give these people the top rated collagen powder to try/test… Which would be the "Sports Research" brand. And I do not work for them or normally advertise things the way I am now. Just a normal person with four kids I take care of… But this stuff made such a huge difference for me. My nails always grew fast, but they broke easily. Not anymore! Now they are strong. My hair fell out a lot, especially in the shower. My husband would joke about me going bald, or ask if I had cancer… didnt make me feel very good to be honest, but I would laugh it off. Well this Collagen changed that. Hardly any hair falls out now. My hair is thicker and sheds less. And I didnt have many wrinkles to begin with. Just some faint lines on my forehead and barely noticeable crow's feet by my eyes. However, within 3 weeks of taking this stuff daily, those light wrinkles are completely gone. No joke! I also feel more peppy, or perky, when it comes to energy. So working out is slightly easier than before. This stuff is amazing, and I can not help but praise it. Never felt the need to do this before, but Sports Research Collagen is like a miracle supplement! And Im not the only one. It's literally the top rated brand of collagen you can buy.

  10. I take it every 2 days..have no more stiffness upon rising after about 3 weeks of use…my hair, nails and skin are definitely improving…without a doubt, will continue

  11. Collagen is good for leaky gut, skeptical of it making a huge difference for skin. I think a varied vegetarian diet would be best overall. Microneedling is a step up before fillers or Botox.

  12. I started adding collagen peptides to my daily smoothie about 2 months ago. I am definitely seeing results in my hair, nails, and my skin is getting plumper. My crepey, saggy skin under my arms is firming, thighs firming, skin texture and moistness is improving. My joints don't hurt like they used to and my husbands joints and back pain have been alleviated. We will continue to use this stuff forever. btw… we are 58 years old & feel so much better. I don't agree with the plastic surgeon.

  13. I believe these women this old doctor is dishonest, I bought his cream from his website and it was a nightmare, I had to tell them I will call the FBI for them to stop charging my credit card and the cream was a big scam

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