PLASTIC SURGERY: Otoplasty (Cosmetic Ear Pinning) Journey 2

Otoplasty (ear pinning) journey: Dallas facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Sam Lam has one of his patients talk about her experience …


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PLASTIC SURGERY: Otoplasty (Cosmetic Ear Pinning) Journey 2

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  1. anterior scoring is risky but i do not use scoring per se. i use a rasp in the front, which is much much safer and allows me to create bend necessary because if you score the back side it will bend the ear in the wrong direction.

  2. no, because the "strings" are not doing anything anymore after a few months since the scar is holding your ear permanently in the new position.

  3. i mean theres strings inside my ear right ? something that holds it back ? so what i mean is can i get my ear back the way it was befor the surgery ? im sorry my english not good but hope you understand what i mean thank you

  4. thank you i have a quistion , mm can i get my ear back ? mm like to do it same way it was without anything inside ? strings or somethin , cuz its kind of annoying me , is that possible you think ?

  5. i'v done this surgery 3 years ago and it hurts at first , and then nothing , mm but the problem that is i had a string from behind ( strings must come off with the time ) but this one stayed and it didnt hurt it just i can feel when touching it , so when i went to cut my hair the barber touched it so hard and now my ear hurting me , my doctor cut it out and it still hurts please if you can help me please repley me thank you

  6. @AnthonyLopez3 Hey AnthonyLopez3… I know you posted this quite a few months ago now, but I just had my otoplasty done 9 days ago and am in the same situation you were in.. except it's my right ear that is a lot more swollen with a thicker anti helix and the left!! I'm pretty worried about it and was wondering how things went for you? Did you ear end up settling down and how long did it take to do so? Thanks heaps.

  7. @samlammd oh, thank you for the response, i am a little worried though. i don't know how much will it hurt, but i am willing to take the pain for nice ''new'' ears. 🙂

  8. @teicajambrovic the headband should be worn 24/7 for the first week. however, for the sake of the video, it does not matter if it is not worn for a few minutes. the headband is just a protection so the the ears do not get bumped. i have the patients wear it at night for 6 weeks total. that is important.

  9. @bollyfanantic i cannot speak for someone else's work, but for my patients i have them with large bandages for one night only then headband 24/7 for a week then headband at night for 4 to 6 weeks. other doctors recommend a wrap for longer than i do.

  10. @lies3n you have to have confidence in your choice of plastic surgery. beyond that, i cannot truly advise. i hope you find the right decision for you!

  11. Hey doc, I kind of have up ears, but im afraid that people will find out that i have gone through otoplasty or tell my parents that i want surgery. How do i approach this matter?

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