Our List of Awkward Moments

Every horrifyingly embarrassing event that has happened in the last year of our friendship relived for your pleasure. This was a terrible idea. And check out our …


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Our List of Awkward Moments

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  1. My best friend and I catch all of each other’s embarrassing moment or are living through them together. Even when it happens when the other isn’t around, while she is explaining what happened the other has already guess cause we know how awkward the other is

  2. My friend Eva catches all of my embarrassing moments like once at school I tried to sit down and open my folder at the same time I collapsed onto the ground while trying to do so I looked around and saw no one looking except Eva who was walking towards me to ask a question….

  3. My life is an awkward moment. But one of the worst ones was probably when I was talking to the boy I liked (not anymore) and called him 'grandpa' because I liv with my grandparents…I SOMEHOW PLAYED IT OFF BY SAYING 'I said grand, huh?' It was normal for me to be weird so he just passed it off as me being weird.

  4. I was once drinking some water and I got a big mouthful of water (I don't know why I tried to drink tons of water at once) but right when I did that, my best friend who was also my crush at the time walked in, while I was trying to drink this water in my mouth, and some water was DRIPPING from my mouth. And that best friend only recently became my crush so one half of me was like "Oh we are best friends he's just gonna laugh it off and talk to me once I drank this water" but the other half of my was like "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO MY CRUSH JUST SAW ME DO SOMETHING EMBARRASSING!!!" xD

  5. Me and my best friend walk to and from school together and obviously as best friends we are pretty ridiculous around each other so on the way to school we walk past this garden with a bush that looks rather like a penis so bearing in mind there is a primary school near by and lots of young children walking past we always shout DICKBUSH when we see it and one day on the way hack from school we walk past it and there is someone tending to the bush with rather long hair and we can't figure out whether its a man or a woman so my best friend shouts ARE YOU A MAN OR A WOMAN at this person also bearing in mind the fact that we hadn't walked past this bush yet so there was 5 awkwards seconds of us walking past this person

  6. when I was at school with my best friend Welles, we just awkwardly tend to fall on the ground at random moments. And one day we were just running around with a few other friends of ours. Then we trip and fall near two dumpsters. And we were screaming and laughing and other people were staring… It was great. just great.

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